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Muscat in a Day

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ImageWhilst it is not possible to absorb all of Muscat’s natural beauty and won’t be possible to visit all of Muscat’s landmarks in one day; tourists will be able to achieve much if they start out early in the day. Tourists are advised to follow the itinerary below:

Make the Grand Mosque in the Al Ghubrah neighborhood your first stop. This is Muscat’s most famous attraction as well as the most magnificent. It also opens early in the morning around 8 A.M. Explore this mosque and admire the gigantic crystal chandelier, the world’s largest Persian carpet; the stunning minarets and marbled interior. Tourists will be awestruck by the beauty of this architectural jewel.

Following this make your way to the neighborhood of Ruwi; make the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum your first stop. This is open till 1:30 pm in the afternoon. This is another of Muscat’s famed landmarks. The contents of the museum are fabulous- the weaponry as well as other exhibits shed light on Oman’s military prowess and international/ political relations with states around the world.

Stop for lunch at the Oman Sheraton Hotel also in the neighborhood of Ruwi. Try out the delicious international dishes served in the Green Mountain restaurant or grab a light lunch in Le Croissant. After this make your way to the neighborhood of Mutrah.  Make the Mutrah Souk your first stop here. No trip to Muscat is complete without having visited this traditional Arab market. Wander through the maze of numerous stalls and buy yourself a piece of jewelry, a trinket or a souvenir. Tourists are bound to find something they like here as well as something distinctly Omani to take back home with them.

Visit Bait al Baranda, an interesting museum open from 4 to 6pm, which sheds light on the rich history of the city of Muscat. The exhibits are interesting and depict the city across the ages from pre historic times to the 21st century.

In the evening take a stroll around the grand Al Jalali and Mirani forts- legacies of the Portuguese occupation of Muscat. The forts are majestic especially if visited at night when they are beautifully lit up. For dinner try out one of the many fabulous restaurants in Shangrila Barr Al Jissah. Bait al Bahr serves delectable sea food dishes which will make for a perfect ending to an unforgettable day spent in Muscat.

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