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Muscat back then

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ImageThe history of the city of Muscat is rich and is a testament to the resilience of this amazing city which has fallen to many an insincere ruler. One important continuity in Muscat’s history is the fact that through the ages, Muscat has been well-known as an important trading site and port. Muscat is an ancient city. Ptolemy is known to have referred to this famous port as Cryptus Portus. Archaeological findings suggest that Muscat even came into contact with the ancient Indus Valley Civilization as indicated by the Harrapan pottery unearthed there. Muscat’s conversion to Islam occurred in the 7th Century A.H. The city was ruled by prominent local tribes and then by the Abbassids. In 1507 Muscat was taken over by the Portuguese and Portuguese rule lasted till about 1650 with the exception of the city falling to the Turks twice in between. Portuguese influence can be found in the architecture of Muscat’s forts built during this era. The dynasty which now rules Muscat is that of the Al-Abu-Said. Initially the rule of the Sultan was very weak and he faced opposition from within the state. In 1970, however, Qaboos bin Said took power from his father with the help of the British and has been ruling Oman since then bringing great wealth and prosperity to the region. It has been during Sultan Qaboos’ reign that Muscat has risen to become a favorite tourist hotspot. The most prominent legacy of Sultan Qaboos’ rule is the Grand Mosque arguably the most amazing of Muscat’s landmarks.


Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Transportation/Getting Around

Driving Tips
For tourists who are driving themselves in Muscat it is important to keep a few things in mind. ...
Taxis in Muscat can be differentiated by their distinctive orange and white color. Be sure to take ...
Car for hire
Renting a car in Muscat is easy and advisable. It is, however, costly to do so. It can cost ...
From the airport
From Muscat or Seeb International Airport:Tourists can take a maxi taxi or Baisa Bus from the air ...
The Baisa Buses or maxi taxis are inexpensive. These buses/taxis are punctual, they adhere to ...