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Health and Safety in Muscat

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ImageMuscat is generally speaking an extremely safe city and the crime rate is quite low. It is nonetheless advisable to avoid walking in dark places and to avoid deserted areas especially after dark. Tourists should also be careful if carrying expensive belongings; it would be wise to leave these behind in the hotel. In addition, avoid using roads other than the main roads, these are not always well lit and often there is no sign on these. Be wary of travelling at night when live stock often roams around and across the streets causing many accidents. Make sure your travel insurance includes your health insurance as Muscat’s hospitals and doctors charge higher rates for their services. The police and the doctors are very helpful and speak both Arabic as well as English so tourists in need should contact these officials in stressful situations. Tourists are advised to observe the dress code of the area when visiting the Grand Mosque and other religious sites so as not to offend the local people.

In case of emergencies always carry the following numbers with you:

Fire:  999

Police:  24 736611

Ambulance: no formal ambulance service in Muscat

Tourist Assistance [Police]: 24 736611

Lifeline: none available

Sea Rescue: none available

Vehicle Breakdown: none available

Telephone directory enquiry: 198 (Local Numbers) 1305 (International Numbers)

Airport Enquiry: 24 519223

Medical Services: 24 603938

Emergency Accident Services: 24 561447

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