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For a tourist this is probably the best ...
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Driving is on the left hand side. The ...
The Matatu is a privately owned Nissan ...
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Is mainly for freight or cross country ...
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There are various international car ...
From the airport
Jomo Kenyatta International ...
City in a Day
Nairobi is not a large city and a lot of interesting aspects can be covered in a day. One could ...
Labour Day
Labour Day on the 1st is a public holiday. ...
New Year’s Day
1st Jan is celebrated with lights and fanfare to usher in the New Year. ...
Mombasa Carnival
If there is a bit of time and you are not averse to driving or flying to Mombasa, then the Mombasa ...
When to go
This is the perfect place for year round travel. Nairobi is at 5,449 feet or 1,661 meters above sea ...

Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi Today
While Nairobi today is certainly not the small station depot it used to be, it cannot really be classed as a very big city. It is not a city one goes to visit just for the city itself. But this is the gateway to an immensely beautiful and adventurous country with unique features not available anywhere else in the world. It has many drawbacks yet it is a friendly city and it can really grow on you, if you have the right approach.  The place can be lively and interesting. It has a unique culture. Where else can one see Maasai warriors in traditional attire walking along with modern business

Nairobi back then
Till trains did not come into the area, Nairobi was just a little swamp land and a place for the Maasai people to quench their thirst enroute. Europeans colonizers had not shown any interest in it.  Under great pressure of civil wars and outbursts of diseases like cholera and chickenpox, the Maasai chief was forced to allow the British to construct their Mombasa to Uganda railway line through the Maasai grazing lands. A depot was soon made in 1899 on the edge of the ‘Uaso Nairobi’ stream. Translated, it means cold water.  This started as a small supply depot and soon became the m

Nairobi Serena
Considered as Nairobi’s finest hotel by many, the Nairobi Serena keeps the highest standards in se
New Stanley Hotel
This hotel has been made world famous by the many authors, film makers and artists who not only stay
The Grand Regency Hotel
This is a fairly new hotel with a typical high rise modern façade in white with solar glass look.&n
Norfolk Hotel
Ideally located on Harry Thaku road, only 5 minutes from the city centre, this is a landmark amongst
Windsor Golf and Country Club
Whether you are a golfer or not this hotel / country club will completely bowl you over. It is only
Holiday Inn Mayfair Nairobi
This charming historical hotel is a blend of the modern and the traditional. Its architectural style

Masaai Collections
This store has products of many top designers including Penny Winter clothes, Sally Dudmesh jeweller
Zebu, Nakumatt Junction
This boutique has leather bags by the famous local designer Annabelle Thom, as well as other designe
ABC Plaza, Waiyaki Way
Caters mainly to expatriates. This has a supermarket with a huge choice in imported items as well as
The Nakumatt Westlands
Again a mall with many choices. It is as popular as The Sarit Centre. It has the Nakumatt supermarke
The Sarit Centre, Westlands, Nairobi
This is a shopping mall with a Uchumi Supermarket inside. This is a popular place with western trave
The Spinners Web
Viking House, Westlands, has two floors of an amazing selection of textiles as well as other homewa

The East African Art Festival
The East African Art Festival is held in Nairobi each year and has competitors coming not only from
Kenyatta Day
Kenyatta Day on 20th October, named after the first President and founder, Jomo Kenyatta, is the day
Jamhuri Day
Jamhuri Day is the Kenyan Independence Day celebrated on the 12th.
Labour Day
Labour Day on the 1st is a public holiday.
Christmas on 25th is a time where all streets are lit up. Here it is celebrated more with clubs and
Mombasa Carnival
If there is a bit of time and you are not averse to driving or flying to Mombasa, then the Mombasa C

Haandi is considered to serve the best Indian food in Kenya. A favourite not only with the huge Indi
Tamarind Restaurant
Tamarind Restaurant serves the best seafood brought in fresh from the coast everyday. Besides seafoo
Kahwa is an international café which serves a great wholesome breakfast. The lunch and dinner menus
Porterhouse Restaurant
Porterhouse Restaurant is an African specialty steak restaurant. It is famous for its beef steaks, t
Chowpaty Pure Vegatarian Restaurant
Chowpaty Pure Vegatarian Restaurant is a delight for the pure vegetarians. It serves south Indian fa
Akasaka Restaurant
Akasaka Restaurant is a mid range Japanese restaurant serving wonderful Japanese dishes at fairly re

Fast Facts
Location:Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and located in the Central Highland region at a height of just under 6000 ft above sea level, 500Kms (300 miles) west of the Indian Ocean. It is just 138 kms (90 miles), south of the equator.
It is next to the eastern side of the rift valley. Surrounded by mountains, the Ngong Hills are to the west of the city, Mt Kenya is to the north and Mt Kilimanjaro to the south-east.
The Karura Forest is to the North of Nairobi. The Nairobi River with its tributaries goes through the district of Nairobi.

Dialing code :  

00 254 20   X     ( X is the local number  )


Kenyan Shilling KES
The approximate rates of exchange of some of the world currencies are as follows:
1 AED        = 18.12 KES
1 GBP        = 132.4 KES
I USD       =  66.6 KES
1 Euro       = 106 KES

Emergency Numbers in Nairobi

Police                       999, 0735 – 356 506

                             + 254 20 272

What to do with Children in Tow
Children will enjoy every aspect of this child centric tour. One could avoid the city sightseeing and spend more time at the Nairobi ...
Health and Safety
Be it for men or women, Nairobi has unfortunately picked up a reputation of being an unsafe city giving it the name ‘Nairobbery’. ...

Prayer Timings

FajrSunrise ZuhrAsr MaghribIsha
05:1806:28 12:3003:50 06:3307:43

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