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ImageThe most comfortable way to get around Delhi is by taxi.  Thousands of taxis ply in Delhi. Taxis in Delhi are yellow and black Ambassadors or Maruti vans which are easily grabbed at one of the local taxi stands or called over the phone. Usually your hotel can arrange a cab for you as well.Tourist taxis ply interstate  while yellow and black taxis can be used to commute anywhere within the city.   When stepping into a cab, be sure to negotiate a price before departing to your destination. Then again, you can also ask for a metered ride, but be aware that this will most likely be more expensive than if you negotiate. Small tips are expected from foreigners.There are several pre-paid booths at important locations all over the city. It is  advisable to hire from here as these booths are under direct control of the Delhi Traffic Police and can avert  refusal, over charging or misbehaviour by taxi drivers.


Apart from the regular rate, various charges apply. These are

-Night charges- 25% of the fare applicable from 11:00pm to 5:00 am.

-Waiting charges- Rs 25/- per hour or part there of (subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)

- Luggage charges- Rs 10/- per piece except for small shopping bags or a small attache case


Dial A Cab - 24 hour Helpline: 1920, 1929, 1922, 1923 


Delhi Cab

Tel: 4433 3222


Mega Cabs

Tel: 1929 or 4141 4141


Metro Cabs

Tel: 1923


Easy Cab:

Tel: 4343 4343






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