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New York in a day

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altThe first sight to be seen by 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island was the Statue of Liberty, so as a tribute to this symbol of the American Dream, why not start off with a visit to the Statue. Take pictures there from a distance, because cruising right up close to it requires a lot more time. Then take a drive down the Brooklyn Bridge to Lower Manhattan(take pictures on the bridge because it’s another famous New York City landmark), and visit the World Trade Centre Site. Take pictures there, and if you want, visit Chinatown for some souvenirs and maybe lunch in Little Italy. Then take the underground to visit the Empire State Building. Go to the top if you have time, it’s definitely worth the view. Then head on over to Central Park, maybe see the animals if you like that sort of thing, and just admire the stark difference between the bustle of New York, and the quiet serenity of nature. Make sure you visit Fifth Avenue, which is just nearby Central Park, even if it is just to window shop, and keep your eyes peeled for celebrities that frequent the designer stores in the area. Visit Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale and other stores native to New York. Then visit the Rockefeller Centre or the Museum of Modern Art which are a train ride (or a couple of minutes walk) away. End your day with a visit to Times Square, see the bright lights of the City that Never Sleeps and take pictures. Then maybe grab dinner at the restaurants there if you have the time.
These are perhaps the must-see sights of New York, but there are still plenty more which you’d need to see in order to really say you’ve done the city. New York definitely needs more than a day to be truly appreciated.

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