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ImageNice has a very good public transportation system. The local buses start from the Station Central SNCF, which is a short distance from the Place Masséna. No location in the city center of Nice is more than a 10 minute walk from the famous promenades namely promenade des Anglais and the promenade des Etats-Unis. Buses numbered 2 and 12 run along the promenade des Anglais. Passengers can be dropped off at any of the beaches along that route.

Tickets are sold on the bus and the fares vary according to the type of journey being made or the number of days a pass is to be used. A single journey ticket costs € 1.30, while a ticket for multiple journeys can cost € 20 for seventeen journeys. This kind of ticket can be used all together by several passengers. A day pass costs € 4 for an unlimited number of journeys for one day.  A weekly pass costs € 15 and entitles the holder to unlimited travel over seven days.

You get on the bus from the front. You have to validate your bus ticket every time you get on. To get off at a particular stop press on the red button labeled  ‘Arrêt demandé’ so that the driver stops the bus there for you. Buses are exited from the back or central doors.The main bus station called Gare Routiere is where you can catch a bus to and from nearby cities such as, Monaco, Cannes and St-Tropez. Here you can also catch a bus to other areas in France and Europe.
For further information on public transport you can call 04-93-13-53-13.

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Nice has a very good public transportation system. The local buses start from the Station Central ...
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