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City in a Day

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altIf you have one day in Oslo, do the best you can to take in the beauty of the city. You may want to take some of the guided bus tours, for they tend to be fairly comprehensive. For those who want to go it alone, below is some suggested attractions that you simply cannot miss.

What you do in Oslo on your lone day here depends largely on your interests. For those who love experience a culture through museums, you will find no shortage of them in Oslo. Spend your morning and early afternoon visiting some of Oslo’s major attractions, all within close proximity to one another. The Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, and Norwegian Folk Museum are all near the Bygdoy Peninsula. After grabbing some local fare (shrimp is recommended), take a trip to Frognerpark to admire the scenery and to walk through the Vigeland Sculptures. At night, visit Holmenkollen’s ski jump to get a beautiful view of the city. Have dinner here before exploring Oslo’s streets at night.

For those who would prefer to spend less time at museums, start off your morning by visiting the Town Hall, where you will get to appreciate one of Oslo’s most recognized buildings. Afterward, explore the Edvard Munch Museum and the National Gallery to take a look at some of Norway’s most famous artwork. After lunch in the city, explore Akershus Castle and the Royal Palace for the afternoon and grab dinner nearby. A night walking around Oslo’s trendy district, Aker Brygge, should provide entertainment for the night. Don’t forget to glimpse Oslo’s opera house while you are here either!

A final option is to spend your day in Oslo relaxing at several locations near the fjord. Take a cruise into the fjords islands, or simply take a ferry to appreciate the beauty of Norway’s flagship city. Whatever you choose to do, you will almost certainly enjoy your stay here!


Transportation/Getting Around

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