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Health and Safety

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altRiyadh is among the most conservative cities in Saudi Arabia. The mutaween (religious police) are numerous in Riyadh and are to be respected. Women must cover themselves with an abaya (available in shops everywhere in Riyadh) and it is advisable to carry a headscarf as well.

Although Riyadh is a city with one of the lowest crime rates in world, standard precautions should be taken. However, the only significant danger is driving. Most of the drivers originate from areas in developing countries  that lack traffic laws and driving schools . In this driving culture, seat belts, mirrors, lane stripes, turn signals and speed limits are ignored, despite the heavy fines that exist for doing so. A four-lane highway can easily transform into a seven-lane 'racetrack'.

Mineral water is extremely expensive in Riyadh. However it is always better to spend some money on precaution rather risking infections. Do not drink untreated water to avoid diseases and infection.

The contact numbers for ambulance and medical assistance are as follows: dial 997 and 800-124-8999 for ambulance and help from King Faisal Specialist Hospital respectively.


Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Transportation/Getting Around

The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Co. (SAPTCO), runs a fleet of buses throughout the main city ...
Car for hire
The most attractive option for visitors is to rent a car, ideally with an experienced driver.  ...
Most visitors rely on the abundant supply of white taxis found in the city center to navigate ...
From the airport
Perhaps the best way to get into the city from the airport is ...