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ImageThe Pantheon was a temple dedicated to the gods of the seven planets.
To see the Pantheon for the first time on entering the Piazza della Rostanda is simply
astonishing. Though there are thousands of visitors visiting the place, there is a shocking
silence all around. It screams the sound of silence, peace and calm. It has enormous
presence and reeks of age. Its inspiring looks combine a pillared front with a massive
dome, which  until 1960 ,was considered the largest dome in the world . Commissioned
by the emperor Hadrian in the second century, the dome's base is about seven metres
thick, gradually getting lighter and thinner as it reaches its apex. This effect was created
with the use of volcanic tufa in the middle section and super-light pumice at the top,
where it narrows to less than a metre. Light floods into the dome from a circular window
at the top, said to be a window to the heavens.

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