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City in a day

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altIf you’re feeling adventurous and don’t get tired too easily, you could book one of the day tours offered by many companies. However the downside of this is that these tours can be extremely tiring and cumbersome, though they do provide a good opportunity to see the main attractions in the city with a local guide to help you out.
Alternatively, you could easily see some of the major attractions in the city on your own time. Start the day with a stop at Deliparis that has fresh breads and croissants every morning. Here, you can also get your caffeine fix for the day! Catch the subway and head over to Centro, which is the location of the main attractions and heritage sites. First stop, the Banespa Tower, which has an observation deck on the top floor where you can see Sao Paulo from a vantage point. You can get here early since it opens at 10 AM. Next stop should be the Sao Bento Monastry, which is adorned with 6,000 pearls from the Black Sea. If interested in art, you could check out the Museum of Sacred Art, which houses phenomenal baroque and rococo art pieces, and the Pinacoteca do Estado – an art gallery – where you can also stop for lunch. If you are exhausted from sightseeing, head over to the Tianon Park, a quiet and restful place secluded from the commotion of the city. The trees in the park are over three hundred years old. Stop by Alaska, a local ice-cream shop that is a local favorite and treat yourself to a mouth-watering banana split. If you’re looking for some souvenirs to take home, do check out Mundareu, Casa do Amazonas or Marcenaria Trancoso where you are sure to find some delightful treasures. A trip to Sau Paulo, or Brazil for that matter, would be incomplete without tasting the finest beef it has to offer. You could either go to Figueira Rubaiyat or Fogo de Chao to sample the famous Brazilian steaks. 
If you are visiting Sao Paulo over the weekend, be sure to include the Praca Liberdade on your itinerary.  A fair is held every weekend at this culmination of Sao Paulo’s diverse population,; it will give you  a sense of what the city is like.


Transportation/Getting Around

From the airport
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Driving Tips
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Care for Hire
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