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From the airport
The airport is located 52 kilometers or ...
The Seoul Subway is covered by two ...
With 10,000 buses going around the ...
Car for hire
Driving in Seoul is relative easy; ...
Driving Tips
Driving in Seoul is relatively easy as ...
There are four types of taxis operating ...
City in a Day
Start the day with a good hearty breakfast at your hotel and some coffee. Then proceed to the ...
Insadong Festival
The Insadong festival in April and October showcases the folk music or pungmulnori of Seoul. A ...
Lotus Lantern Festival
Lord Buddha's birthday falls on the eighth day of the fourth moon.The celebration of Buddha's ...
Icheon Rice Cultural Festival
This festival combines two of Icheon's symbols, rice and agriculture. In celebration of the good ...
When to go
With four distinct seasons, including a very cold winter, it is best to visit Seoul in autumn, at ...

Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul today
With almost 11 million people, Seoul is the largest city of the Republic of Korea and is also the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. Though it had a bit of a reputation for pollution, strict emission laws have brought that into control.  With a superb subway system, residents and tourists can easily traverse the city efficiently and without much hassle.

Seoul is a like a gem in the Republic and is well worth a visit. Divided by the Han River, its vastness can be overwhelming. However, once one gets used to the urban expanse, the city tur

Seoul back then
The history of the city dates back as far as 18BC, when it was established as a small settlement. The Wiryeseong site found inside the boundaries of modern day Seoul hints that it was once the capital of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. After that, it is believed that Seoul also became the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, which is also one of the world's longest running monarchies, lasting for almost 5 centuries. It was the last royal and imperial dynasty of Korean history and was declared the Korean Empire in 1897. The dynasty ended in 1910 when the Japanese annexed the land.

Lotte Hotel
Located at the hub of Seoul's premier business and shopping districts, Lotte Hotel Seoul is within w
JW Marriott
With the hotel being situated in an ideal location within central city, Korea's largest and most pop
Park Hyatt Hotel
A sleek glass tower with a modern interior, this is truly a hotel of the 21st century. The Park Hyat
Imperial Palace Hotel
The European-style Imperial Palace Hotel (former Hotel Amiga) is located in the heart of Gangnam bus
Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel
This hotel is situated at the foot of Mt. Namsan and is only a mile and a half away from the busines
Jamsil Tourist Hotel
Jamsil Tourist Hotel is a modern eight-storey building housing 44 rooms with the finest amenities av

Gangnam (Also known as Kangnam)
The Gangnam  or Kangnam area though upscale is very popular. The famous COEX mall is also in th
COEX Mall in the heart of Seoul is where shopping, culture, education and leisure are integrated wit
Boon the Shop
This multi-brand boutique with an ambience of a sleek urban fashionista is a favorite haunt of the K
If you are the type that eats, breathes, sleeps and lives fashion, then this is one place you simply
Jewel Button
Two top Seoul designers create hand-made jewelry in award-winning designs which are available at thi
Taste maximum
Kim Gyu-sik, the up and coming Seoul fashion designer and his associates have set up this little bou

Seoul Drum Festival
Like the Japanese Taiko drums, the Koreans showcase their traditional drumming in this festival alon
Hi Seoul Festival
This festival aims at preserving the city's unique history and tradition as w
Food Korea
This festival is when people enjoy traditional food and introduce new Korean food and culture. It is
Insadong Festival
The Insadong festival in April and October showcases the folk music or pungmulnori of Seoul. A delig
Boryeong Mud Festival
Daecheon Beach becomes a war zone and therapeutic massage parlor of mud every July. The Mud Festival
Icheon Rice Cultural Festival
This festival combines two of Icheon's symbols, rice and agriculture. In celebration of the good har

This restaurant is one in a chain of economical eating joints. It is a Korean porridge place where a
Get a taste of Korean tradition in this colorfully decorated restaurant. Mother-of-pearl panels add
Soma 1095
You don't have to know the Korean language to be able to order your meals here. Just consult the col
Five types of Mexican munchies are served in this low-cost, colorful and cheerful eating place which
Tucked away next to the mosque, Salam restaurant is Turkish in everything. From the cuisine, the mus
Namu/Liquid Bar
Namu is the place to savor ethnic Asian dishes in a modern reincarnation. Enj

Fast Facts
- Location
The west coast of the Republic of Korea.   Dialing code
Country: +82
Area: +2   Emergency numbers
Police: 112
Fire Dept: 119
Ambulance: 1339   Population
11 Million   Languages
Korean (Official)   Time zone
GMT/UTC + 9   Average January temperatures
High: 1°C (33°F)
Low: -6°C (21°F)
Average: -2°C (28°F)   Average July temperatures
High: 28°C (82°F)
Low: 22°C (71°F)
Average: 25°C (77°F)   Annual rainfall
112mm (4.5 inches) 

What to do with Children in Town
The best place to be if you're a kid is at the palaces as there is just so much to see which is of interest to kids. Whether it's the ...
Health and Safety
Seoul is among the safest cities in the world. Some areas are less safe but most of the city is fine at all times of the day.

Prayer Timings

FajrSunrise ZuhrAsr MaghribIsha
06:0207:36 12:2402:55 05:1306:47

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