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Walking Tours

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Walking Tours SeoulCity Walking Tours
They provide walking tour services as well as self-guided tours.

Telephone: (02) 3707 9453


Cheonggyecheon Stream Tour
For an unusual but eco-friendly walk, join the locals on portions of the newly restored Cheonggyecheon Stream for a five-mile

walkway to Seoul Forest.

Telephone: (02) 3707 9454






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Transportation/Getting Around

The Seoul Subway is covered by two seperate companies, the Seoul Metro, and the Seoul Metropolitan. ...
From the airport
The airport is located 52 kilometers or 32 miles west of downtown Seoul. Limousine buses travel to ...
Driving Tips
Driving in Seoul is relatively easy as the roads are very good, and the traffic lights work! Some ...
There are four types of taxis operating in Seoul, depending on their use and technology :  ...
Car for hire
Driving in Seoul is relative easy; however you will come across several traffic jams that can last ...
With 10,000 buses going around the city, they are among the least expensive modes of transport in ...