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City in a day

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ImageSeeing the whole of Shanghai in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate on some of the renowned tourist hotspots that Shanghai boasts of. Visitors can get a fairly good idea of all of Shanghai's treasures by doing so. It is advised to follow the guide below.
Start off in the neighborhood of  Xuhui.   Shanghai is bustling quite early in the morning- cabs and the metro start running around 5: 30 am. Your first stop should be Shanghai's famed temple- Longhua temple which opens around 7 A.M. Admire the various statues of Buddha and pay to strike the 3 ton bell three times- a memorable experience in itself.

Head over to the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts which is arguably the nicest of Shanghai's museums- with the greatest exhibits on display- both quality and quantity wise. This museum opens around 9 A.M.

After this head over to the Chinese Blue Nankeen Exhibition Centre also located in the neighborhood of Xuhui and buy yourself some lovely Batik cloth.                                                

Have a quick lunch at the nearby Shanghai Uncle and then head over to walk along the Bund in the neighborhood of Huangpu, Shanghai's most well known boulevard where you can survey the goods being sold along the avenue on a number of stalls and where you can grasp the essence of Shanghai.
After this, head over to the neighborhood of Pudong where the Jinmao Tower should be the first stop. After spending some time here head over to the Oriental Pearl Tower to get a fantastic view of the city at night. This tower is open till 9:30 P.M.
Unwind for dinner at one of Shanghai's fantastic restaurants such as Danieli's for some delectable Italian food at the St. Regis Hotel also located in Pudong.

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