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Shanghai today

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ImageShanghai, business and economic capital to the People's Republic of China, is one of the largest metropolises in the world with an ever growing population. Shanghai is a place where life is constantly on the move- a fact which is reflected in the constant construction- the building and the rebuilding of restaurants, offices and shopping malls ever so often.  Unlike Beijing which is a fusion of East meets west, Shanghai is much more contemporary and modern. Temples and other historic structures such as the Museums are few and far between. In much greater supply are numerous sky scrapers and high rise buildings. Shanghai is quite simply the financial capital of China.


Transportation/Getting Around

It is not advisable to travel by bus as these tend to be over crowded, uncomfortable [passengers ...
Shanghai Metro
The underground system is the most efficient means of transportation in Shanghai.Tubes are ...
From the airport
From Pudong International Airport:
Driving Tips
 It is almost impossible for non-Chinese passport holders to drive in Shanghai. Besides it ...
Shanghai's streets are dotted with thousands of taxis. Some taxi operators are ventures between ...