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Stockholm today

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ImageStockholm is one of the most stunning capitals in the world. With a huge number of waterways spread out around the city, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit. With over 60% of the city consisting of waterways and parks, it is also among the cleanest of cities in the world.
The Old Town or Gamla Stan is at the center of the city and is a very well preserved historical area that complements this oasis superbly. It is littered with several hotels, bars, restaurants and shops, all doing great business all year round!
The modern areas of the city are prime evidence of Sweden’s innovative designs and construction standards and the city thrives on information technology. Several of the world’s leading IT companies are massing up in the city center or the new business parks on the outskirts of the city.
Today Stockholm is a superb European city that is filled with chic boutiques, pavement cafes, and fashionista! It is filled to the brim with culture and a lifestyle that makes the best of them drool.
With 15% of the population composed of first generation immigrants, it is quite literally the most diverse city in the country and possibly the continent!
With superb summers and fascinating winters, the city is a great place for tourists to rest and enjoy a great and memorable vacation.