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Södermanland  province, eastern coast of Sweden. Stockholm is situated at the point where the vast Lake Malaren flows into the Baltic Sea.
    Dialing code
    Country: 46
    City: 8

    Emergency numbers
This number covers the following emergency services:  police, ambulance, fire, rescue corps, dentist, doctor, mountain rescue corps, information on poison.
  Fire department
In all cases, except for emergencies, look in the green pages in the local telephone catalogue (Fire department=Brandstation).
Hospitals and emergency rooms
In all cases, except for emergencies, look in the blue pages in the local telephone catalogue (Hospital=Sjukhus, Emergency room=Akutintag).
In all cases, except for emergencies, look in the red pages in the local telephone catalogue (Police=Polis).

Stockholm Tourist Centre: +46 8 508 285 08

Stockholm: 769,942
Greater Stockholm: 1,885,734 (largest city in the Nordic countries)

Swedish, but English is widely spoken. Five Samish dialects are still spoken.

   220-230V AC, frequency is 50/60 Hz, two-pin plugs are standard
  Hotels usually feature 110/130 volt sockets in bathrooms for shavers only. It is a    good idea to bring an adapter from home.

Time zone
Summer (DST) GMT/UTC+2

Average January temperatures
-3˚C (26˚F)
Average July temperatures
18˚C (64˚F)
    Annual rainfall
    900mm (35.5 inches)

Sweden Kronor SEK
The Swedish monetary unit is the Swedish Crown, abbreviated to SEK. One Swedish Crown is 100 öre
Coins are available in the following denominations:
*  50 öre SEK 0.50
* 5 kronor SEK 5
* 1 krona (crown) SEK 1
* 10 kronor SEK 10

Paper money (notes) is available in the following denominations:
* 20 kronor (crowns)  SEK 20
* 50 kronor SEK 50
* 100 kronor  SEK 100
* 500 kronor  SEK 500
* 1 000 kronor  SEK 1000  

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