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Sydney in One Day

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ImageBefore beginning your one day tour of the city, it may be best to stop at a Sydney Visitor Center (SVC) to grab a few maps and also get free information of the city. There are two SVCs in Sydney, one in the Rocks and the other in Darling Harbor.


It is suggested that you begin at the SVC in Darling Harbor, since doing so will enable you to walk in one direction (east) without having to do much backtracking.


So, first begin at Darling Harbor, walk around and cruise the many water-front restaurants and shops. Then, stop at the Sydney Visitor Center and check out the available tours such as the hop-on hop-off bus tour in case you don't want to do much walking. However, walking around the Harbor is not much of an effort since Sydney offers lovely waterfront walks that are not strenuous on your feet. At the SVC it also might be good to check out the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, which is a great activity to do if you have four hours to spare (be wary about drinking if you do this, because you will not be allowed to climb if you have a certain amount of alcohol in you). If you are planning on taking any short tours, be sure to book them in advance here so you can plan your day around them.


Next, go to the historical neighborhood The Rocks. To get there you can walk, cab it, take the monorail, or go by ferry (or water taxi). Whichever you do, take notice of this town's rich heritage since it is Sydney's birthplace. Because of such, it is a great place to buy souvenirs. If you feel the need to rest, step into one of the Rocks's many pubs, which are considered Australia's oldest and best bar establishments and are filled with wonderful tall tales.


With just a few steps away, your next stop should be the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbor Bridge. If you have planned a climb at the Harbor Bridge, it would be best first to take a stroll to the Opera House (which is very nearby) and then return to the Bridge. However, if you are not planning on climbing the Harbor Bridge, then a walk to the Opera House would be just fine since you can get a great view of the bridge from the Opera House.


Thereafter, depending on your time constraints, you can walk down to the Royal Botanic Gardens or just lounge around until it is time for you to depart.

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