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New South Wales, Australia.

·  Dialing code

Emergency Numbers:

Police emergency/fire/ambulance              000
Non-emergency police enquiry through
Sydney Police Centre                                 02/9281   0000
Crisis Centre                                               02/9358  6577
Car breakdown                                            13  11  11
Travelers Aid Society                                 02/9211  2469
Directory Assistance                                  12455        

Average January temperatures:  23°C (73°F)

Average July temperatures:         16 °C (61°F)

Annual rainfall:                                1217mm

·  Ethnic mix:
·  61% white Australian of European descent, 4.7% British, 3% Chinese, 2.1% New Zealand, 1.5% Vietnamese, 1.3% Lebanese, 1.2% Italian, 1% indigenous Australian, 0.9% Indian, 0.8% Greek, 22.5% other.

·  Languages:
·  English (official)

·  Time zone:
·  GMT + 10 (GMT + 11 from last Sunday in October to Saturday before last Sunday in March).

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