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City in a Day

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altThe scale of Tehran simply does not allow a true indication of the city to be had in just a day. Tehran is the kind of city that contains worlds within worlds and every journey can bring a new adventure even if it has been done before. The large distances between attractions are a hindrance to quick travels as well. For a single day, therefore, exploring only a single neighbourhood is appropriate.

You should start in the centre of Tehran with breakfast at your hotel or local coffeehouse. The Golestan palace complex will be your first stop at Nasr Khosrow Street. It has several beautifully made museums containing artifacts from the time of the Qajar Shahs. There are also collections of paintings to browse and charming grounds to wander through.
Before lunch, walk or take the bus to the Jomhuri neighbourhood to see the National Jewels museum. The pieces on display boggle the mind, especially the largest uncut diamond in the world and the famous ‘peacock throne’. For lunch, go to the Lux Talaee restaurant in Semiran to sample their delicious wares. The Maeeche is recommended (lima bean rice).

Walk through the Grand Bazaar in the afternoon, and perhaps have a cup of tea at one of the teahouses there. Bargain with the friendly vendor for carpets, spices, kitchen implements or anything else they are selling. If you have time before dinner, head to the Reza Abbasi Museum in Seyed Khandan, where you can see some truly unique articles of Persian history.

Go to the Gilac restaurant in Park O Prince Avenue for dinner, where they prepare excellent fish and seafood. If you have some spare time, try visiting a nearby park to relax or stroll along Valiasr Avenue where the shops, restaurants and coffeeshops are open till late.


Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Transportation/Getting Around

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