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Tehran today

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altThe city of Tehran is not described as ‘pleasant’ by most but a few days getting to know the place will allow you to unearth unexpected treasures. It is clearly divided into the affluent north and the gritty south. Both parts of the city have experiences to offer the keen tourist.
Southern Tehran with its maze-like roads and many impressive squares has many traditional and unique restaurants, teahouses and places to stay as well as interesting museums. The vast sprawl and pollution may be undesirable however.
The northern suburbs boast more luxurious housing, parks and galleries and very friendly locals who aren’t as busy as those in the south.
There are a few architectural sites to see in Tehran but not as many as some other cities in Iran. The city is alive in the daytime with crowds gathering in every eatery and public spot. Not much nightlife is seen and the city is ‘closed’ after midnight.


Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Transportation/Getting Around

Car for hire
Cars can be rented in Tehran through the newspaper (Tehran Times has advertisements) or several ...
From the airport
A private taxi is the best way as you will be unfamiliar with the workings of the city in order to ...
The metro system in Tehran is new compared to most other things in the city, the first line became ...
Driving Tips
Driving yourself is not recommended as the traffic can be quite hectic in the city. If you wish to ...
Getting a separate taxi for yourself is expensive but safe and convienient way to get around short ...
The bus service in Tehran is extensive and thorough. There are four bus terminals, the western, ...