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Tokyo in a Day

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ImageViewing all of Tokyo in one day is, as with any other city in the world, an impossible task. However, much of Tokyo’s history, culture and lifestyle can be absorbed in one day by following the itinerary below:
Start your day early and make Sensoji Temple which opens at 6 A.M your first stop. This is Tokyo’s most popular temple; certainly its oldest believed to have been located here since 628 A.D located in Asakusa. View the goddess of happiness and good fortune Kannon in whose honour the temple stands today. Visit the Tokyo National Museum next which can easily take up most of your time prior to lunch. The pieces on display here are exquisite from frescoes to pottery to ceramics to sculptures of Buddha to Samurai weaponry; this will be an interesting yet educational walk through Japan’s rich history and culture. Have an early lunch in Waentei Kikko for some delicious Japanese cuisine or at Namiki Yabusoba a well known noodle house, both of which are located in the same neighborhood.
After lunch head to the Imperial Palace the seat of the royal family of Japan; which stands at the spot upon which the Edo castle stood before it; in the beginning of the 17th century this palace became home to the Shogun and remained so for 300 years after which imperial rule was restored. The palace was unlucky and was partially destroyed during WWII after which it was rebuilt. Stroll around the palace grounds and absorb Japan’s colorful history.
Head to the Panasonic center after this; Japan and Tokyo in particular are now identified with rapid technological advances and the high-quality electronics produced here that are exported to the rest of the world. Play with the latest gadgets over here. 
After this if there is enough time head to the Museum of Modern Art which closes at 5 P.M; if already closed head to the Oriental Bazaar and spend a couple of hours here browsing through the endless souvenirs and knick knacks from kimonos to porcelain dolls to traditional swords and pick a thing or two for yourself and loved ones.
End the day with a delicious meal at Nobu Tokyo or Ohmatsuya for a more traditional experience; both eateries serve delectable dishes.

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