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Health and Safety in Tokyo

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ImageTokyo is an extremely safe city and has enjoyed this reputation for a long time now. However, for those travelling in Tokyo there are some points worth remembering. Avoid dark places, especially deserted places at night. If it is necessary to walk at night be sure to walk in big groups. There a number of pickpockets who plague the city especially at busy tourist attractions and subway stations.
Watch out when crossing roads as people drive recklessly on the streets of Tokyo.
Because temperatures in Tokyo are known to soar especially in the summer months travelers should drink plenty of fluids and wear a cap/ hat
In case of emergencies always carry the following numbers with you:

Fire:  119

Police:  110

Ambulance: 119 

Disaster Message Exchange: 171

Rescue at Sea: 118

Telephone directory enquiry: 03 (local numbers)

Railway Enquiry: 03-3941-2004

Narita International Airport Enquiry: 0476-34-8000

Medical Services: 03-5285-8181 

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