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From the airport

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ImageNarita International Airport is located on the outskirts of Tokyo about 60 kilometers away. Tourists can go via JR Narita Express on an hour long train journey to Tokyo station. This ride costs about 3000 JPY. Alternatively tourists can go to Tokyo station via the JR Airport Narita Line which takes a bit longer; almost 90 minutes. The cost is much cheaper at approximately 1300 JPY. Alternatively tourists can go by the Keisei Limited express; this is a 75 minute bus ride into central Tokyo costing a very reasonable 1000 JPY. The bus leaves every 20 minutes from the airport. It is not advisable to take a taxi into central Tokyo as this can take much longer and is extremely expensive costing as much as 20,000 JPY.  In addition, many hotels arrange for picking and dropping of guests. 

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