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Panasonic Center

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ImageJapan is famed for the rapid technological advances it has made and the high quality electronics that it churns out. The Panasonic Center allows for tourists to witness firsthand the sheer progress Japan has made in this department.  Visitors are allowed to interact and use the various exhibits including Nintendo games on gigantic TV screens, checking out various cameras, camcorders and other gadgets. The tour can also be quite educational and visitors can learn/ are shown environmentally friendly technologies being developed and how they work. RiSuPia is a kind of museum within the center allowing visitors to indulge in various fascinating activities including playing air hockey the point of which is to hit prime numbers, a pillows puzzle, probability based games, computerized art work etc. The Eco and Ud House is the most interesting exhibit of all which show cases an ultramodern household with ultra modern gadgets that use energy efficiently.
Timings: Tues- Sun 10 A.M- 6 P.M

Admission: Free; RiSuPia Adults: Y500; Students: Y300; Children: Free
Address: 2-5-18 Ariake

Tel: 03-3599-2600

Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
This museum is very interesting and caters to all age groups. It is fascinating in terms of the technologies that are showcased here- ultra-modern, revolutionary and environmentally friendly. Moreover, most exhibits are interactive. Visitors can engage with robots, embark on virtual reality rides. They can use the touch screens to learn more about nano-technology and genetic engineering. This visit will be both educational and a great deal of fun. 

Timings: Wed- Mon 10 A.M- 5 P.M

Admission: Adults: Y500; Children: Y200
Address: 2-41 Aomi, Koto-Ku

Tel: 03-3570-9151
Tokyo Sea Life Park
Children will love this massive aquarium which showcases sea creatures and life from Tokyo Bay as well as some of the world’s largest oceans including the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Various species are exhibited here including exotic hammerhead sharks and ocean Sunfish. A bird house, a small beach and a touch tide pool are also located within.
Timings: Thursday- Tuesday 9 30 A.M- 5 P.M

Admission: Adults: Y700; Children: Y250; Under 12 years: Free
Address: 6-2-3 Rinkai Cho, Kasai Rinkai Park, Edogawa-ku

Tel: 03-3869-5152

Ueno Zoo
This is a wonderful small zoo dating back to the late part of the 19th century. It houses a variety of birds, reptiles (including dwarf crocodiles, snakes, and komodo dragons), a beautiful Panda, sea lions, polar bears, penguins, and the usual lions, zebras, giraffes. Children will definitely enjoy it here.
Timings: Tues- Sun 9 30 A.M- 5 P.M

Admission: Adults: Y600; Children: Y200; Under 12 years: Free
Address: Ueno Park; Taito-ku

Tel: 03-3828-5171

Tokyo Disneyland and Sea

Disneyland and Disney Sea are located near one another; the former is a replica of the original Disneyland with fun rides and themed adventures such as Pirates of the Caribbean, a jungle cruise, a haunted house and Star Tours. Disney Sea is exclusive to Tokyo and incorporates famous personalities known to have inhabited the sea or journeyed on it including the little mermaid and Sinbad as well as Indian Jones. Rides are fantastic, extremely adventurous and thrilling. Children will not forget this experience!
Timings: Daily 9 A.M- 10 P.M

Admission: Full day pass Adults: Y5800; Children (12-17 years): Y3900 (4-11 years); Under 4 years: Free
Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba

Tel: 03-310-0733 

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