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Toronto in a Day

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altSeeing the whole of Toronto in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate on some of the renowned tourist hotspots that it is famous for. Visitors can get a sense of Toronto by doing so. It is advisable to follow the guide below.

Start off in the Financial District. Toronto is bustling quite early in the morning- buses and the subway start running by 6 A.M. Your first stop should be St. James’ Cathedral which opens around 7 A.M, admire the gorgeous stained glass windows and the striking gothic architecture. If there is time, head on to the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery and savour the tranquility and beauty of the place, while locating famous graves.

After this head over to the Casa Loma, explore the castle, its secret passageway and 800-ft tunnel and step back in time.

Reward yourself at Greg’s Ice cream with some delicious roast marshmallow ice cream. From here head on to Kensington Market, you will definitely be enlivened by its vivacity-find all kinds of wonderful knickknacks here; from Nepalese handmade crafts to cheese from Sweden.

After this, go to Queens Street West and have a quick lunch at The Rivoli, serving delectable eclectic cuisine. From here, head over to Chinatown and truly understand the diversity of Toronto. Art Gallery of Toronto is a must-see; especially the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre so be sure to stop by as it is very close to Chinatown.

If you’re a real Art fan, after this you can head a little further on to the Art and Design District to see the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.
 Unwind for dinner at one of Little Italy’s fantastic restaurants such as Veni Vidi Vici for some delicious cashew-studded sea bass with fennel. For dessert try The Sicilian Café for sumptuous tiramisu.
The last stop for the day should be the CN Tower-the most famous icon of Canada (it closes at 11 pm). Climb the 100+ stories and walk on the glass floors like you’re walking on air and see the most incredible views of the city at night. From here, you can actually say that you saw all of Toronto.

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