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Health and Safety in Toronto

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altDo not carry too much cash on you. Toronto like most major metropolises has its share of pickpockets. Obviously this applies only to crowded areas such as subways, buses and renowned tourist attractions.

Guard against illnesses such as diarrhea and respiratory infections. Eat freshly cooked food and drink only bottled water.

Toronto suffers from air pollution. Whilst the smog is not so severe, tourists are advised to carry anti-allergic medicines with them and to wash their hands, eyes and mouth when returning from the outside.

Half of all traffic fatalities in Toronto are pedestrians, so it is essential to be very careful while crossing roads- Look both ways, walk on the sidewalk and only cross the road once the traffic has stopped.

Make sure your travel insurance includes health insurance as Toronto’s hospitals and doctors’ charge exorbitantly for their services (the standard hospital bed rate for nonresidents is about $2500/day).
In case of an illness carry the following numbers and information pertaining to medical caregivers:

Hospital for Sick Children
Phone: 416-813-1500
Address: 170 Elizabeth St, emergency on Gerrard St W

Mount Sinai Hospital
Phone: 416-596-4800
Emergency: 416-586-5054
Address: 600 University Ave

Toronto General Hospital
Phone: 416-340-3111
Emergency:  416-340-3946
Address:  200 Elizabeth St.

Dental Emergency Clinic
Phone: 416-485-7121
Address: Greater Toronto Area, 1650 Yonge St; 8am-midnight; St Clair)

In case of emergencies always carry the following numbers with you:
Fire:  911
Police:  911
Ambulance: 911
Emergencies: 911
Tourist Assistance [Police]: -
Lifeline: 416-408-HELP (4357)
Vehicle Breakdown: 647 242 2243
Telephone directory enquiry: 411 [Local Numbers]; 1-416-555-1212 [International Numbers]
Airport Enquiry: (416) 776 -3000
Railway Enquiry: 1800-VIA-RAIL (1800-842-7425)

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