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Mera Roshnion ka Shehar Karachi

By Dr. M Mansoor Mohiuddin Do huftey ka safarnama.
No matter what you hear, Karachi usi tarah zindah hey jis tarah aap ko yaad hoga. Do Crore key shehar main beshak loog her din mar rahe hain magar zindagi ki rawani main koi kumi nahi hey. Restaurants usi tarah bharey hain aur bazaar main wohi chehal pehal hey. In the two weeks I was there we didn’t lose power for even one minute. Mujhe do din lagey apney “induced” khauf ko nikalney main phir wohi surhkain theen aur wohi awarapun.
There is a parallel economy that is running Karachi and perhaps the country. This parallel economy is very strong and very visible. Karachi ki surhkon pe her kism ki garhi nazar aa jai gi Ferrari, Porsche, 7 series BMW, Range Rover, you name it and it is there. Haan her garhi ke peeche there is a 4X4 truck loaded with armed guards. Her ghar key samne  guard karha hey. Shru shru masjid jane se bhi dur luga tha magar ...

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Seychelles: Life in Slow Motion

By Amna Khalique
Date: May 25 2010
Visiting Seychelles is like stepping back in time into another realm. Calm, serene, phenomenally gorgeous beaches, so many species of wildlife – you will definitely be tempted to visit each year. With a population of approximately 90,000 in the entire archipelago consisting of 115 islands, Seychelles is natural, untouched ...
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Travel Tips: All ground staff please leave the

By Irfan Ahmad
May 16 2010
“My bags are packed. I am ready to go. … I am leaving on a jet plane….” The strains of the John Denver song are permanently etched in my mind. It takes me about 10 minutes to put together my stuff for a trip that could keep me on the road for ten days. I have several hundred thousand air miles under my belt and I do not recall a ...
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Budget Travel: Paris on a Shoestring

By Irfan Ahmad
March 14 2010

It was early afternoon when I walked up the steps to the French Embassy in London. It had closed its doors for the day. But I was confident that I would be able to get in and have a visa stamped on my passport. I had used wasta (connections). If you have a Pakistani passport and are ...
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Longyearbyen: 78 degrees North

By Irfan Ahmad
20 February 2010

It was 2:00 am when we landed. Climbing down the stairs from the aircraft we could see that the tarmac had freshly been washed. Small puddles bore traces of the rain shower that we had missed. The rugged mountains around us and the glaciers visible in the distance made us zip up our jackets – it was cool ...
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Cape Town: Dinner at Mama Africa

By Irfan Ahmad
15 February 2010
The bed sheets felt fresh and crisp. The duvet was inviting. The heavenly bed seemed heavenly. After a 10 hour flight to Cape Town, sleep was what I craved. But a hungry stomach had other designs on my time. I went down to the Westin’s restaurant and ordered Tom Yom soup and a veggie pizza. The strange ...
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