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Jun 05

Hajj operator From Pakistan looting hajis this year

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Its is  a shame that this year Hajj operator from Pakistan has no mercy for Allah's guest .

since demand of Hajj Traveler are more higher then Given No of Quota which is almost 1,60,000 for this year 50% of Haj-is will travel through private Hajj operator all though  they booked in advanced and getting money upfront but this year their average package are 3,50,000 with shifting (Azizia) area ,people who knows that if you put Azizia in your Package which is not hairing

for whole  session but only they take one part of the season which cost them one forth, now a days Azizia accommodation are a little higher  so that to  earn more money they hair Shogia area ,kaki area khalidia etc. now how they earn more than 100000 per Hajis is according to Makkah's  market Rate

this year 300 m to 850 meter accommodation rate for first part (which is start from 1st Ziqadha to 25 ziqadha are Sr 800 to 15 Saudi riyal.

Maktab in new Mina is Sr 500 to 850

Makta in Mina Sr 1200 to 3500

Madinah Accommodation  In markazia  800 to 1500 per person for 8 nights as per season

Madina accommodation away from markazia normally Sitteen are starts from Sr 300 to 600.

now Makkah and Madina rates are as per season's  we try to cover  minimum to maximum

which is prevailing   system  of Saudi Arabia ,the average budget  all together to  spending in saudia (Hajj operator ) fixed  4000 saudi riyal to 5000 Saudi riyal.

now you can calculate Pakistan expense, Air ticket for private hajj operator is start from 78000 pkr to 120,000 per traveling date s

Hajj dues Gov't draft,transpot etc 45000 pkr maximum.

This is how the Hajj operator make their budgets and try to get maximum profit from Allah's guest .4000 Sr x 25 = 100,000 pkr

 average ticket we assume =100,000.Pkr

Gov't dues and expense =  45,000 pkr.

total amount altogather 2,45,000

selling market price 3,50,500 pkr.

this calculation is based on 1st fitra not Whole season if  3rd fitra apply the result would be same










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bhai english ki spelling itni mistakes hain, pehle verify kar lein before posting
irfan akhtar , April 30, 2014

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