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Predominantly a boat city, where most ...
Car for hire
The main car hire companies include:
Buses and Metro
In Venice, public boats are called ...
from the airport
Venice International Airport or Marco ...
Best of the City in One Day
For a comprehensive yet quick look at the vast treasure of Venice’s historical sites, begin ...
Saint Mark's day
On the 25th of April the feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist is celebrated by Venetian men by ...
Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics
The Palio is an annual boat race between the four Italian Maritime Republics or 'Republiche ...
Usually held on the last Sunday of October, the October Maratona (Marathon) is held annually. It ...
When to go
Venice gets very good weather in May, June, September, and early October. The weather is hot in ...

Venice (Venezia), Italy

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Venice today
Venice is a celebrated city and very rightly so. It is very romantic because of its breathtaking canals and palaces. A cruise down the Grand Canal will very likely be one of life's most unforgettable experiences. On a practical note, the city forms a governmental unit of Italy called a commune. The islands of Venice form the historic centre of the city. Marghera and Mestre are the modern industrial centers on the mainland and they are also part of the commune of Venice.

A lagoon separates the islands of Venice from the mainland. A roadway over the lagoon carries traffic between th

Bauer Il Palazzo
Situated in a busy area of the city, the Il Palazzo is an extremely luxurious hotel. The management
Ca' Angeli
This elegant and expensive B&B is located on the third and top floors of a palace that stands on the
Ca' Formenta
Located in a residential part of the city, this 15th century hotel offers high-quality services and
Hotel Antico Doge
Decorated in impeccable Venetian style, this former home of Doge Marino Falier, has walls covered w
La Calcina
The La Calcina is located along the Zattere. Some of the 27 rooms and 5 suites offer panoramic views
Pensione Accademia Villa Maravege 
This aristocratic villa once housed the Russian embassy and the late Katharine Hepburn shot for her

Boutique Giorgio Armani Venezia
(Garments, accessories & shoes)
Address: Calle Goldoni 4412, San Marco, 30124 Venezia
Burano Lace? Merletti D'Arte Martina
San Marco 307-337, Burano - Venice
Vast selection of Burano Lace
Open - Daily 9 - 7 pm
Dittura Gianni
Address: san vio 871, 30123 Venezia
Phone: +39-41-523-1163  
Expensive Shopping Information
There are countless attractive shops in Venice and several vendors of trademark Venetian wares such
Markets on Lido
Venice residents, head to the street market put up on Tuesdays, where everything is up for sale. Fro
One of the most esteemed mask makers of Venice, Guerrino Lovato is the owner of Mondonovo, an art s

The Carnival of Venice
On the Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia), held annually, Venetians put on elaborate masks an
Regata Storica
Yet another festival celebrated on water in this city of canals, is the Regata Storica. It takes pla
Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics
The Palio is an annual boat race between the four Italian Maritime Republics or 'Republiche Marinare
Ascension Day of Festa della Sensa
This is the day on which the marriage between Venice and the sea is celebrated. Back in history the
Madonna della Salute
Venice had been shaken by a terrible plague for two years from 1630-31. To remember its removal the
Saint Mark's day
On the 25th of April the feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist is celebrated by Venetian men by present

Ai 4 Feri
This charming little restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere with paper tablecloths and comfortable
Taverna del Campiello Remer
Located in a courtyard near the Rialto Bridge, this attractive restaurant is very popular among Vene
Spizzico is an Italian fast-food chain and is a quick and low cost place to grab a bite while sights
Antico Martini
This restaurant was initially a café when it was initiated way back in 1720. Owned by the Baldi fam
Antiche Carampane
This restaurant serves most of the classic fish dishes Venice is known for. These include mixed seaf
Ostaria al Garanghelo
A very popular restaurant of Venice, which serves exceptionally good food, offers quality service, r

Fast Facts
Northern Italy, the capital of the region Veneto
Local City Name: Venezia
Area: 412 km2 (159.1 sq mi)
Population: : 271,252
Density: 658/km² (1,704/sq mi)
Dialing code: 041
Postal code 30100
Currency: Euro (€)

Ethnic mix: Mostly Roman Catholics

Languages: Italian, French, German, Slovenian, Albanian

Time zone: CET, UTC+1

Average January Temperatures: 37˚f     3˚c

Average July Temperatures: 73˚f   23˚c

Annual Rainfall: 829 mm / 33 inches

Emergency Nos:

Police 113/112
Ambulance 523-0000
Fire 115, 041-520-0222, or 041-520-0223
For any tourism-related complaints (rip-offs, exceedingly shoddy service, and so on), dial the special agency Venezia No Problem toll-free at tel. 800-355-920. 

What to do with children in tow
A gondola ride would a very enjoyable experience for a child or adult. This might be a little expensive so one should consider the ...
Health & Safety
Venice is considered to be one of the safest cities in Europe. It has a very small population and that also adds to its reputation of ...

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