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Health & Safety

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ImageVenice is considered to be one of the safest cities in Europe. It has a very small population and that also adds to its reputation of safety. The incidence of violent crime is very unusual in Venice. The police are not commonly visible even in heavily populated tourist areas such as San Marco. After the carnival for instance, sometimes the occasional fight will occur between hyper participants but that is also very rare.  Even then tourists in any city should be cautious. Sometimes pick pocketing does occur in Venice but not as frequently as in other cities. Venetians are not very helpful around tourists so if approached by a ‘cooperative’ individual who wants to carry your bags or get a water taxi for you, or show the way to your hotel, be on your guard. This individual will demand money afterwards and if not compensated with the amount they want, he could be very hard to get rid of. If you need to board a water taxi, the direct approach is best i.e. talk to the driver directly as many of them speak English.
The most prevalent crime in Venice is counterfeit merchandise, and tourists usually become victims by buying knock-off couture like Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton from street vendors. A program called "Bad Bag" has been implemented, significantly in English, directed at visitors warning consumers not to purchase bags from streets as this gives rise to organized crime and exploitation of underpaid workers. Venetian Police are on the alert for the sale of counterfeit goods and are authorized to fine those purchasing them. 
The tap water in Venice is absolutely safe to drink but many people prefer the taste of bottled water which is available in shops and in all restaurants and cafes all over the city.
At certain times of the year mosquito bites are a problem especially with people who are easily affected. Presently, malaria is not a problem in Venice or its surrounding areas.
In Venice, pharmacies (or farmacie) have a red or green cross painted above the main door. Some are open on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays.  All pharmacies give some advice than is usual in other countries.
In hospitals (or Pronto Soccoroso) casualty departments provide free emergency treatment for tourists.  EU citizens having the new permanent cards can also get consultation from any Doctor for free.
For urgent medical assistance at night there is a telephone number - 041 529 4060 in Venice or 041 526 7743 on the Lido or 041 534 4431 in Mestre

Some Basic Italian Phrases

Thank you.                razie
You're welcome.            Prego
Please.                    Per favore
Yes.                    Sì.
No                    No
Excuse me.                Mi scusi
Pardon me.                Mi scusi
I'm sorry.                Mi dispiace
I don't understand.            Non capisco
I don't speak Italian.            Non parlo italiano
Do you speak English?        Parla inglese?
Speak slowly, please.            Parli piano, per favore
Repeat, please.            Ripeta, per favore
What's your name?            Come si chiama?
How are you?                Come va?
Do you speak English?        Parla inglese?
Where is the subway?            Dov’è la metropolitana?
Is the tip included?            Il servizio è incluso?
How much does that cost? (sg./pl.)    Quanto costa/costano?
Is there a public phone here?        C’è un telefono pubblico vicino?
Can I get on the internet?        Posso collegarmi con internet?
Can you help me?            Mi può aiutare?
Where is the bathroom?        Dov’e la toilette?

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