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from the airport

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ImageVenice International Airport or Marco Polo Airport has airlines like Alitalia, KLM, British airways and other major airlines flying in. The airport is 6 km or 4 miles from the city on the Venetian lagoon. To reach the city, one can get on the airport boat to the Piazza San Marco. On the other hand, you can get ATVO or ACTV airport bus to reach the Piazzale Roma.
The fare would be €30-40 for a land taxi to the Piazzale Roma and for a water taxi it would be €90-100 to get to your destination. Another choice is an Airport Link transfer by shared water taxi but it costs about double the price of an airport-boat ticket. One can also book a private transfer, which includes a person to receive you at the arrivals terminal, providing porterage service, and a car or a van to take you to the water-taxi pier. Driving Tips
A superb network of motorways (autostrada) exists in Italy. The speed limits on these motorways are 130kph (81mph) for cars of 1100cc or more and 110kph (68mph) for smaller cars and all cars when surroundings are wet. The motorways are all tolled. The strade statali, are not tolled and are often fast, multi-lane roads. The speed limit on these roads is 110kph (68mph). There are plenty of small country roads or Strade bianchi in the countryside on the borders of Venice, and while driving through these roads visitors are very likely to come across old fashioned market towns and Palladian piles. 

According to Italian law, the driver and the passengers must wear seat belts and if found otherwise a fine will be imposed. Penalties for driving after alcohol consumption is severe and the authorities can hold random breath tests. The maximum legal blood-alcohol ratio is 0.05%. The lights of your car must be switched on while driving on autostrade and strade statali. You will be fined for driving through a red light and EU rules apply on speeding fines. 

The minimum age for driving is 18 and those without an EU license must possess an International Driving Permit.

For further information contact Automobile Club d'Italia - ACI
Tel: (06) 491 115 

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from the airport
Venice International Airport or Marco Polo Airport has airlines like Alitalia, KLM, British airways ...