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Health and Safety

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ImageVienna is reputed as a very safe city to visit, and visitors with common sense and general adequate behavior are pretty unlikely to encounter crime or similar unfortunate experiences. The streets in most areas of the city, from wide, crowded roads, to narrow, creepy-looking alleyways, are free from serious threats, and men and women alike are quite safe to go about their business without being harassed.

The only real threat that visitors face here is pickpockets who are generally opportunists. You can steer clear of any prying fingers by keeping cash in safer places, eg. front pockets. Bag snatching is not especially common in the city, but common sense demands not to drop your guard and to wear the straps of bags in such a way as to make snatching more of a struggle rather than a cinch. Some areas of the city, such as Karlsplatz, Praterstern and Schwedenplatz, are home to drug addicts and tramps, and while not especially dangerous, these areas should best be avoided late at night, especially if you are alone.
Police Helpline:  112


Being a highly developed European city, Vienna hardly poses any threats to health. Air pollution is minimal, water is completely pure and safe to drink, and the standards of hygiene in restaurants, pubs and cafes are as high as you would expect in any EU capital. If you fall sick during your stay, there are a large number of hospitals and medical facilities on hand, most of which have dedicated English-speaking staff. Residents of other countries are advised to take out holiday insurance with medical cover, as treatment may not be inexpensive.
General Hospital Telephone: +43 1 404 00 1501


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