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Fast Facts

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Vienna, State Capital of Austria.


Dialing code

00 43 1
(e.g. 00 43 1 XXX-XXXX)


Emergency numbers
European emergency call number: 112
Police: 133
Ambulances: 144
Firefighters: 122


1,664,146 (as of 01.01.2007)


Official Language: German; spoken as a first language by 98% of the people.
Second Language: English; widely understood and spoken by a large part of the population. 


Time zone
GMT + 1


Roman Catholic 49.2%
No religion 25.7%
Muslim 7.8%
Orthodox 6.0%
Protestant (mostly Lutheran) 4.7%
Jewish 0.5%
Other or none indicated 6.3%


Average January temperatures
-05°C (23 F) to 01°C (34 F)


Average July temperatures
14°C (57 F) to 26°C (79 F)


Annual rainfall

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Transportation/Getting Around

Car for hire
There are a number of car renting companies which offer services not only inside of Vienna but all ...
The Bundesbus (federal bus) network connects all major parts of the city, and is very convenient ...
Vienna has a large train/subway network.
Driving Tips
Avoid driving while in Vienna. The streets are crowded, are usually one-way, and so can be quite ...
From the airport
TRANSFER RATES INSIDE VIENNA (for 1-4 People) Airport Transfer from Vienna Airport:
Taxis are the ultimate option when you want to get somewhere quickly, and when price is not an ...