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Image For tourists, the hub of Washington DC is the Mall. With most of the historical and iconic sites located up and down the mall, it’s only logical you will start here. You must study up-close the columns on the Capitol building and then head west for the Smithsonians. Now if you really are short of time, it would be advisable to look up the museums online to shortlist your points of interest and head straight for it, but the National Gallery in the East Building is of course, a must.
Next, a stop at the National Air and Space Museum to see the famous Apollo 11 should be followed by the National Museum of American History to get a brief idea of the history (and culture) of the country.
Next stop is the Washington Monument with a glance towards the White House (you can’t get more than that because of tight security).
Head straight for the Lincoln Memorial and make your way towards the Union Station where a lunch break can be taken while soaking in the splendor of the magnificent Union Station building and doing a little ‘people watching’ at the same time.
By now you’ve probably seen enough of monuments so we suggest you head out to Adams Morgan or any other neighborhood you are interested in and just walk around and soak in the multicultural atmosphere. With restaurants abounding everywhere, an early dinner will be no problem. Have a nice day! 

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