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Health and Safety

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Image Travel within the United States is generally trouble-free. However terrorist threats cannot be ruled out and this has increased security measures across the city, especially at airports. Restrictions on hand luggage apply and travelers are advised to check on the latest situation with airlines in advance. Travelers should also be alert to the dangers of car and street crime in cities and should use common sense and take basic precautions.

Crime was rampant in Washington DC until the late nineties when it came drastically down but it still occurs so it is best to stay in a well lit environment at night and to travel in groups as much as possible, especially as the more affordable nightlife areas are closer to Southeast and inner Northwest where crime is known to occur. But, there still are some neighborhoods which are not safe to travel to by any means at night.
Generally, most tourist places are safe at night but please exercise caution at Capitol Hill and Downtown after dark. It is also not advisable to carry huge amounts of cash on your person. A safer option would be to lock up what you don't need if your hotel has a safe or safety deposit boxes. Don't carry your wallet in your backpack or back pocket.

As with the rest of the United States, dial 911 for any emergencies.

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