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1 - London, United Kingdom.

1-bLondon is the largest city and capital of the United Kingdom. The city is a thriving metropolis and truly symbolizes multiculturalism at its best. With a population of nearly ten million people and more than three hundred different linguistic groups, London is the epitome of diversity and a melting pot of cultures. This rich diversity of cultures in part makes London a center for the arts, media, fashion and education. London is also an important business and financial center and home to the headquarters of some of the world's biggest banks and financial institutions. The city has a rich and storied history that is encapsulated in its historic attractions and museums. In this sense, London has given to the world not only a glorious past, but a rich and vibrant present. London is not a city that can be seen, London has to be lived-the city has been the world’s most visited for three years in a row.


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2 - New York City, USA

2-bNew York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the largest cities in the world. It has historically been seen as a city of opportunity. Its position as the entry point for many immigrants to the United States has made it one of the most diverse cities in the world. New York City is currently one of world's largest financial centers and is home to several major media organizations that hold world-wide influence. Moreover, it is currently an important cultural center that offers over one hundred world-class museums, over 20,000 diverse restaurants, and more than 10,000 stores whose brand names and items can be found across the globe. The city is also home to the most visited attraction in the world, Times Square. Known as the city that never sleeps, don't expect your visit to be a walk in the park (though visiting the verdant Central Park is a must!) for this 24-hour city is full of a bustling rhythm that can either be intimidating or invigorating.


It is often noted that when most tourists think of New York City they think of Manhattan; it is a misconception that the city is only made up of this landmark destination. Rather, New York City consists of five boroughs, known as Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan.


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3 - Bangkok, Thailand

3-bBangkok is the largest city and capital of Thailand and is the second most expensive city in South-east Asia (behind only Singapore). The boom of Asian economies during the 1980s and 1990s has made Bangkok a global financial center and the center for the regional headquarters of many multi-national companies.  The city is a modern one, with clubs, fine dining, and plenty of shopping opportunities. However, the city retains its heritage-any tourist will find a number of holy shrines and cultural and historical sites throughout the city. The central stop for anyone visiting Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most enticing tourist destinations in the world.


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4 - Singapore

4-bSingapore is one of the world’s largest financial centers and is considered one of the world’s most international cities. Its diverse population of over five million people-Singapore is the world’s second most densely populated city-includes numerous nationalities and ethnicities, with the largest category being ethnic Chinese. The advantageous location of the country along with its crime-free environment has made Singapore’s economy attractive to foreign investors and has contributed to its recent economic boom. The port of Singapore also contributes to this growth, as it is one of the most demanding ports in the world. The city is a vibrant metropolis that is home to numerous festivals and tourist attractions-Singapore is definitely worth a visit.


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5 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5-bKuala Lumpur (nicknamed “KL”) is Malaysia’s largest city and capital. KL has jolted from its rural beginnings into a bustling and booming cosmopolitan city in just a matter of decades, which is part of what makes this destination so attractive. The city still retains its quaint historical charm and is an excellent destination for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of Malaysian culture. In order to get an idea of what Kuala Lumpur is like today, you need not go further than its name, which literally means “muddy confluence"; in many ways, the city is a combination of old and new. Therefore, you might see old Chinese houses and colonial mansions standing next to gleaming steel towers. Perhaps it is this natural confluence of people that has made the city so ethnically diverse and accepting-and its prospects so enticing.


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