Capital Museum

The Capital Museum is one of Beijing’s newest.  It first opened in 1981, and moved into its current location in 2005.  Initially, it wasn’t much more than a storehouse, completely overshadowed by Beijing’s other museums.  Now it stands as one of its best, thank to the new building, which is an attraction in its own right.  With more than 60,000m² of floor space and room for 13 concurrent exhibitions, it’s now Beijing’s second largest museum.  Inside the huge entrance hall rises all the way to the ceiling.  The exhibits are housed across five stories.

The focus is mainly on the history and culture of Beijing, though artifacts from around China and the rest of Asia are on display.  Upon entering, you may want to view a video about the history of the city.  The fifth floor explores Chinese folk culture.  There are displays about Chinese dress and Peking opera, of which there are live demonstrations on Saturdays.  This is one of the best museums in Beijing, and is definitely worth a visit.

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 09:00-17:00
Admission: Y30 Adults
Admission: Free on Wednesdays with reservation.

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