Karachi, Pakistan

Halal Restaurants

Café Flo (French)

This is one of the few French outlets you will find around Karachi. It is run by a genuine French national, so you can be sure to find authentic French cuisine here. It is located inside the Alliance Française, and offers the best in Parisian dining in Karachi. Café Flo is quite popular with foreigners residing permanently in Karachi, so make sure you make a reservation before visiting. The absolute must-tries are the pâté, the chocolate mousse, and the delicious lobster.

 Address: Chartered Accountants Ave, near Teen Talwar (Three Swords) roundabout, Clifton. Phone: (021) 587 7498
Timings: Mondays - Thursdays: 1200-1500, 1930-2330
                 Fridays - Saturdays: 1200-1500, 1930-2400
Website: www.afkarachi.org/html/cafe_flo.htm

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