What to do with Children in Tow

Karachi has a lot to offer children of all ages. A simple roam in the lanes of the neighborhood you are staying in would prove to be a delight. Karachi is a very happening city, and watching the citizens go about their daily lives is a very interesting activity.Cricket matches are played by children on the streets every evening, and the players would gladly accept a foreign teammate. Every neighborhood is sure to contain a small local park where children can spend the evening in fun and frolic. Some of the more specialized attractions are the many amusement and recreational parks across the city. The ideal ones for children include:

1. Safari Park:
Located near the NIPA roundabout in the Gulshan area, this is a large area dedicated to protect some species of wildlife.  Attractions for children include a mini-train service giving a tour of the whole park, a Safari bus which takes them inside the animal shelters, and a play area.

2. Aladdin Park & Sindbad:
Located on Rashid Minhas Road, onwards from NIPA roundabout, in Gulshan town. Large amusement parks and water park for families. Have many lucrative rides including delightful carousels and dodgem cars, which are all time favorites.

3. Seaview Beach:
This beach is the ultimate spot to cool off in summers. With a lot of food vendors and horse and camel rides, it is a must-visit if you want to entertain children.

4. Hill Park:
Located in the PECHS neighborhood, this is a large grassy area with a very large hill. Has quite an entertaining natural and social ambience.

5. Go Aish Adventure Park:
Located right next to the Safari Park in Gulshan. A modern adventure/amusement park. Contains sports like rope-bridges, rock-climbing, ATV Quad Bike racing, and paintball shooting. Tickets are a bit expensive, but the activities promise hours of fun! For children aged 16 and above.

6. Karachi Zoo/Gandhi Garden:
Located in the Garden area near Saddar, this is the primary zoo in Karachi. Tickets are conveniently cheap, which means that all kinds of people can make their way in. But special days are allocated for families, so you should feel safe if you visit on the family days. A play area is included for children, as well as several large animal statues which never fail to attract children to 'get on' them.

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