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From the airport
From Athens International Airport ...
Buses are not the easiest mode of ...
Athen's streets are dotted with taxis, ...
Athen's Metro network is relatively ...
Car for hire
Hiring a car is not advisable since ...
Tickets can be bought from kiosks ...
City in a day
Seeing the whole of Athens in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate on ...
Santa's Neighborhood
The venue for this celebration of Christmas which lasts well into January is Syntagma Square which ...
International Aegean Sailing Rally
This festival lasts 10 days and is held annually in the month of July. This rally dates back to ...
Athens Biennial International Contemporary Art Exhibition
This art exhibition is held annually in the month of September. This exhibition is unique and ...
When to go
The ideal time to visit Athens would be the months of March, April May, and October. The weather is ...

Athens, Greece

Athens Today
Athens, capital to Greece is one of the many metropolises of the world with an ever growing population. Athens is a place where life is constantly on the move. It is a perfect fusion of ancient meets modern. Juxtaposed with the remnants and ruins of Ancient Greece built as early as the 6 th Century B.C. [these sites include the Acropolis, the Agora, the temples of Zeus and Poseidon to name a few] are the more recently built chic and modern structures including the new metro and various hotels and restaurants. Athens continues to be a dynamic city whilst paying tribute to its rich history and p

Athens back then
Athens is truly a historical city- it has existed for the last 3000 years and still fascinates many. Ancient Greece strikes up in one's imagination the vivid imagery associated with Greek mythology, that of  tales of gods and the goddesses once revered in that culture. Proof of this are the temples that had been built out of love, awe and fear of these deities such as those in the Acropolis and those of Zeus and Poseidon. These statues still stand today despite the fact that Athenians are now largely Orthodox Christians.

Athens Plaza
This hotel is located in the neighborhood of Syntagma. It is extremely luxurious evident from the gl
Grande Bretagne
This beautiful building dates back to the 1800s. This hotel has been host to a number of political p
St. George Lycabettus Hotel
This chic hotel is located in the neighborhood of Kolonaki which means that famed restaurants and sh
Hilton Hotel
This hotel is located in the Embassy District and was opened in the 1960s. Rooms look out onto the h
Divani Palace Acropolis
This is located in the vicinity of the neighborhoods of Makrigianni and Koukaki and is only a short
Electra Palace
This is located in the neighborhood of the Plaka. This multi- storey hotel consists of rooms that ar

Greek antiques along with other antiques from all over Europe are available here for purchase. Most
Christos Veloudakis
This boutique comprises of collections of women and menswear. The interior of the shop is interestin
Centre of Hellenic Traditions
This shop houses a variety of traditional Greek arts and crafts. Merchandise consists of pottery, wo
This shop is well- known for the home ware it sells which include beautiful Venetian glass, swords a
This is one of the major shopping areas of Athens. The following brands are available here:
Monastiraki Flea Market
Tourists ought to browse through the various shops and stalls that make up the Monastiraki Flea Mark

Traditional Greek Dance Festival
This festival starts in May and lasts well into September. The venue is the Dora Stratou theatre nam
Epidaurus Festival
This festival is held annually and lasts from June well into August. It is held at the Herodeion. Cl
International Aegean Sailing Rally
This festival lasts 10 days and is held annually in the month of July. This rally dates back to 1964
Lycabettus Festival
This festival spans from May to September. It is an outdoor event. It features musical and theatrica
This is held annually at the time that is believed to be the date that Jesus was baptized. This even
Festival in the Shadow of the Rocks
This festival is annual and is held through the months of June- July. This is a significant cultural

Diporto Agoras
The food served here is both delicious and inexpensive. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious
This restaurant serves marvelous food at low prices. The specialty here is the Souvlaki and the pita
This small restaurant comprises of tables along the footpaths of one Athenian street.  Unpreten
This restaurant serves some of the best quality sea-food that Athens has to o
This is a popular joint amongst Athenians who want to grab a quick bite. It is not a traditional res
Palia Taverna Tou Psara
Famous for its delicious seafood dishes this is a good choice for seafood lovers.   Cuisine:

Fast Facts
Athens is located in the plain of Attica which is bound by a number of Mountains [Aegaleo, Parnitha, Hymettus and Penteli] and the Saronic Gulf.    Dialing code
 21   Emergency numbers
Fire: 199
Police: 100
Tourist Police: 171
Ambulance: 166   Population 
3.7 million
Greek, English, French and German   Time zone
UTC + 2/3   Average January temperatures
 11 °C  
Average July temperatures
 33.5 °C  

What to do with Children in Tow
National Gardens
This is a wonderful place for children to play in. The gardens are vast and dotted with a number ...
Health And Safty
Do not walk alone late at night. Take care of your belongings; Athens like most major metropolises is plagued with pickpockets especially ...

Prayer Timings

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