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It is not advisable to travel by bus as ...
Driving Tips
Drivers should carry with them at all ...
The underground rail is the most ...
Beijing's streets are dotted with red ...
From the airport
From Beijing Capital International ...
City in a day
Seeing the whole of Beijing in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate ...
Chinese New Year & Spring Festival
The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the first lunar month of the year and is an ...
Tomb Sweeping Day
This is an important event that occurs annually. It is a time for people to pay their respects to ...
Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival
This three day annual event is held  in Longging Gorge in Yanqing county 80 kms north of ...
When to go
The best times of the year to visit Beijing are the months of April, May, September and October. ...

Beijing, China

Beijing Today
Beijing, capital to the People's Republic of China is one of the largest metropolises in the world with an ever growing population. Beijing is a place where life is constantly on the move- a fact which is reflected in the constant construction- the building and the rebuilding of restaurants, offices and shopping malls ever so often. It is a perfect fusion of ancient meets modern. Juxtaposed with the temples and royal halls built as early as the 8th Century and other historic structures such as the Museums and the Royal grounds, are other recently built modern structures such as the numerous sk

Beijing back then
Historically Beijing has always been an important city of China- it has always played the role of 'capital' on and off since hundreds of years ago. It was in the 1260s that it became renowned as the 'Great Capital' during the reign of Kublai Khan the Mongol invader. Beijing also known as Peking thus attained great importance as the seat of power of the Mongolian Empire. After the fall of the Mongolian Empire, however, Beijing lost its status as capital city not to be attained again until the early 1400s when the Ming Emperor restored this position to it. Beijing once again lost its status as c

The Peninsula Palace Beijing
This hotel is arguably the best in town- it is both extravagant and luxurious. The location is perfe
St. Regis Beijing
This hotel is located in Chaoyang district. It has a wonderful ambience; the hotel staff is extremel
China World Hotel
This hotel is located in the Choayang District. The location is excellent. The rooms and bathrooms a
Hilton Beijing
This hotel is located in northeast Chaoyang. Hilton is famous worldwide for its service which fails
Grand Hotel
This hotel was built in 1990. The location is excellent and rooms look out on to the Forbidden City.
Lusong Yuan Binguan
This small hotel has been erected on the site of the house of a senior military officer belonging to

Oriental Plaza
This massive shopping center is arguably the most famous of Beijing's shopping centers. There are se
China World Trade Centre
This is another of Beijing's famous shopping malls. A range of international brands have set up shop
Lufthansa Youyi Shopping Centre
While much of what is sold here is over priced and readily available in other shopping areas, a few
The Pearl Market
This market is famous for the jewelers who have set up stall here exhibiting their pearl and jade pi
Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang
This is a fantastic market consisting of hundreds of stalls and an array of products ranging from je
Five Colors Earth
For fashion lovers this is definitely the place to head to. Beautiful tops and smart jackets are ava

Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival
This three day annual event is held  in Longging Gorge in Yanqing county 80 kms north of Beijin
Tomb Sweeping Day
This is an important event that occurs annually. It is a time for people to pay their respects to th
Confucius' Birthday
Confucius was the famous Chinese philosopher, thinker, teacher and scholar. His birthday is celebrat
Guanyin's Birthday
This festival celebrated on the 19th day of the second lunar month, honors Gu
Lantern Festival
On the fifteenth day after the spring festival, i.e. the fifteenth day of the
Mid Autumn Festival
This is also known as the moon festival and is an annual event. It is a time for people to get toget

Dao Jia Chang
This restaurant is very busy- the atmosphere is noisy and boisterous. Traditional and contemporary C
Huangcheng Lao Ma
Quality Chinese food is served here. The sea food dishes are exceptionally good but there is much el
Kejia Cai
This restaurant is especially interesting because the interior  epitomizes Han culture. Han cui
Cafe Sambal
This restaurant provides outstanding service and offers a vast array of dishes to choose from. Sea f
Shanghai Fengwei Canting
Set amidst a beautiful man-made forest guests, will be paying more for the ambience and not necessar
Xibei Youmian Cun
Homely best describes the ambience of this restaurant- Chinese and other families love to come here.

Fast Facts
Beijing is located in the North China plain- it is surrounded by mountains to the North, Northwest and West
16,800 sq km
Dialing code:
Area Code:
Emergency Numbers:
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120   Population:
15 million approximately   Languages:
Mandarin Chinese   Time zone:
UTC +8 (China Standard Time)   Currency:
China Renminbi Yuan   Average January Temperatures:
- 3.5 °C
Average July Temperatures:
26.5 °C
Annual Rainfall:


What to do with kids in town
Beijing Aquarium
This is an inland aquarium which exhibits numerous species of under water creatures. Dolphin shows take place daily ...
Health And Safety
Do not walk alone late at night. Generally speaking Beijing is a safe city to walk in at ...

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