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City in a Day
Viewing all of Beirut in one day is, as with most cities in the world, an impossible task. However, ...
The Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Arts
The Al Bustan Festival is an important cultural event with 30 performances spanning five weeks from ...
The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra
The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra presents a string of classical concerts led by the founder ...
Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar, is the month of fasting and visitors to the ...
When to go
Beirut is a city that can be visited any time of the year. Winter is best if you are a ski and ...

Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut today
Beirut is a city that has had a tumultuous past and has suffered greatly as a result of , but like the proverbial phoenix, it has risen in no time. If you remove the images of bombing, riots and violence, you will discover a tiny yet amazing city that pulsates with life. Massive restoration and construction programs have set it back on its feet. Beirut is also an important commercial center and home to nearly a third of the country’s population. Beirut has the advantage of great weather, mountain and sea resorts, great food, European architecture, exciting night life and casin

Beirut back then
Beirut has been built and rebuilt over the centuries by Canaanites, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs.  In 4000 BC, the Canaanite-Phoenicians settled along the eastern Mediterranean coast and from their ports at Byblos, Sidon and Tyre they established trade with Europe and colonized North Africa. Lebanon came under Roman rule in 64 BC and was later part of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. Beirut, as a Roman colony, was named Colonia Julia Augusta Felix Berytus. The original town was located in the valley between the hills of Ashrafieh and Musaytibah. Beirut’s famous law school, wh

Hotel Albergo
Hotel Albergo is only 5 Kms from Beirut International Airport, in the district of Ashrafieh. It is a
InterContinental Phoenicia Hotel
Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut is situated along the famou
Le Royal Hotel, Beirut
Overlooking the Mediterranean in all its splendor, Le Royal Hotel is just 15 Km from Beirut Internat
Metropolitan Palace Hotel
The Metropolitan Palace Hotel located in Sin El Fil, Beirut’s business district, has 163 rooms, 11
The Beirut Galleria (ex-Marriott) Hotel
 The Beirut Galleria (ex-Marriott) Hotel is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With eas
The Crowne Plaza Beirut
The Crowne Plaza Beirut
Located on one of Beirut’s busiest streets, Hotel Crowne Plaza is j

ABC Mall
The ABC Mall, the largest mall in Beirut, is a place where you can shop for almost anything. With a
Downtown Beirut
High-end designer stuff from Lois Vuitton to Prada and everything in between is what you can find i
Mar Elias Street
One of the most sought after shopping destinations of the capital, Mar Elias Street with its over 25
Rue Verdun
Verdun in West Beirut has expensive boutiques selling branded fashion. You can find top names like Z
Beirut Mall
At Beirut Mall it is not just the shopping but the entire shopping experience that makes it so speci
City Mall
City Mall is a popular shopping area due to the diverse range of products sold in the 100 stores loc

Independence Day
Perhaps the most important day in the Lebanese list of public holidays is its Independence Day, whic
Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar, is the month of fasting and visitors to the c
The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra
The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra presents a string of classical concerts led by the founder
The Garden Show and Spring Festival
Exotic plants and sweet scented flowers assail your senses at the annual Garden Show and Spring Fest
Beirut Fashion Week
Beirut Fashion Week is a week-long extravaganza of the latest in style in ready-to-wear collections
Horse Racing
The racing facility in Beirut is officially known as Hippodrome Du Parc De Beyrouth. Each morning, o

Le Sushi Bar
Le Sushi bar is the place to go to for enticing dishes that will tickle your palate. In a new locati
Burj Al Hamam
The oriental setting with a warm ambience and a variety of delicious Lebanese fare coupled with impe
Le Rouge
Le Rouge is a cosy French style bistro with an international cuisine. Some dishes worth trying out a
This fast food joint wins hands down on popularity. Join the hordes of people who flock here each da
This casual Lebanese restaurant is situated right next to AUB campus and serves traditional dishes a
Le Chef
This quaint little restaurant serves homely Lebanese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu varie

Fast Facts
Location: Middle East, south west part of Lebanon it is the capital and a port.
    Dialing code: Country +961
                                  : City 01
    Emergency numbers:

•    Ambulance: (01) 865 561
•    Fire Department: 175 or (01) 310 105
•    Tourist Police: 112/160 or (01) 350 901
•    Civil Defense: 125 or (01) 425 244
•    Red Cross: 140 or (01) 863 295
•    Ministry of Tourism in Beirut: (01) 340940 /4 or 343 074
•    Airport: (01) 628 000
•    International Calls Operator: 100
•    Telephone Directory Services: 120

Population: City- 1, 250, 000
                    Metro- 2, 600, 000

Area: 100 km²
Languages: Arabic and French are the official languages of Lebanon and   commonly spoken. English is very widely spoken. You can also hear Armenian on the streets and public places.
Time zone: Local time in Lebanon is GMT +02 in winter and GMT +03 in summer (April to September). Winter days are short with daylight from 6 AM until 5 PM. In summer, the days are longer, from 5 am until 8 PM.
Average January temperatures: 14ºC (57.2ºF).   
Average July temperatures: 27ºC (80.6ºF).
Annual rainfall: 1000mm (40 inches)



In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health and Safety
Beirut is generally a safe place but to avoid any untoward incident, it always pays to stay alert especially in crowded places like markets ...

Prayer Timings

FajrSunrise ZuhrAsr MaghribIsha
04:4306:09 11:2202:15 04:3506:02

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