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Bicycles and trams
There are efficient Bicycle routes ...
Driving Tips
Germany has a world-renowned series of ...
Metro and the Railway system
Berlin has an extensive network of ...
From the airport
Berlin has two Airports; Tegel, about ...
Taxis can be a convenient method to get ...
The bright yellow double deckered ...
City in a Day
If you have only one day in Berlin, the most important thing to do is plan a longer holiday so you ...
Christmas markets
most cities in Germany hold Christmas markets which are pretty much the same as they have been for ...
Christopher Street Day
Germany’s answer to the worldwide Mardi Gras festival, it is a political demonstration for Gay ...
for a whole month, the city is running with beer of all sorts, and this is a good time to try the ...
When to go
Berlin is in a temperate climate zone so the general weather is quite pleasant all through the ...

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin today
Berlin is a large and prosperous city, where business and slick city styles amalgamate with vibrant arts, music and youth scenes. It is built over several waterways making almost any journey require crossing a bridge. Beautiful ancient architecture, bombed out shells of buildings, modern monuments and murals painted by children make up some of the sights you will see when you first come into the city.

The Berlin region is separated into 12 boroughs, each with its own distinctive character. This is due to the former separation of the regions. There are many top-class museums and p

Berlin Back Then
Berlin has had an illustrious history, if a relatively short one, and has been in the hands of five forms of government, all in the 20th century. Berlin was only founded as a city in the 13th Century and was initially a small town. It was amalgamated with neighboring CölIn (which is the current Neukölln) to make a town of 8000 residents.

In the early 18th Century, Frederick I began the Prussian Empire, making Berlin the capital and royal residency. His successor, Frederick II, known as Frederick the Great, built the now famous Brandenburg Gate and a stone wall around the city. G

Brandenburger Hof Berlin
This Prussian style hotel is conveniently located to public transport links. The hotel’s restauran
Hotel Adlon Kempinski
This hotel is an exact replica of the 1907 Adlon hotel, and hosts a wide range of guests including c
Hotel de Rome
This hotel is a renovation of an 1889 building, and as one of only a handful of luxury hotels in Ber
Hotel Palace Berlin
This hotel is centrally located and offers guests two bars and a delicious gourmet restaurant. There
The Regent Berlin
There are two restaurants in this five star hotel, an excellent bar, and an exquisite tea and champa
East Side City Hotel
This hotel is located close to public transport and offers 36 rooms, all with a bath or shower. The

This minimalistic fashion store is uniquely Berliner. The clothes, furniture and jewellery are all c
Galeries Lafayette
just outside Franzosische  strasse station in Mitte, this beautiful arcade-like complex is host to
Hackescher Markt
This beautiful courtyard has all the upmarket alternative shops if you are into anything apart from
short for the Kurfurstendamm and neighbouring Tauentzienstrasse are ‘mall streets’, where you ca
Thatcher’s Store
This clothing store offers the latest fashions in the stylish Prenzlauberg area. The store itself, l
Harry Lehmann
a perfume shop that uses natural ingredients and secret recipes. Brand name perfumes are not found h

Festival of Lights
for two weeks every October, the historic and modern buildings and monuments in Berlin are lit up wi
for a whole month, the city is running with beer of all sorts, and this is a good time to try the di
Staatsoper Unter den Linden festival
 25th March-6th April, 10 high profile days of opera in Berlin. Also called the Festtage, it showca
Lange Nacht der Museen
The ‘Long Night of Museums’ festival is run for one day every January and August and has many mu
The International Tourism Exchange in Berlin is an annual trade fair in the middle of March, general
Christopher Street Day
Germany’s answer to the worldwide Mardi Gras festival, it is a political demonstration for Gay rig

Café Bravo
Beautifully designed with glass and mirrors, this café is in the centre of Mitte and boasts a kille
La Petit France
As the name suggests, this a French restaurant. It specializes in delicacies from and of course, you
Mulackstr. 29, Mitte. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine at very good value for money. Central location ma
This upmarket Japanese restaurant delivers everything it boasts of. The tastes are understated, as i
Melitta Sundström
Mehringdamm 61, Kreuzberg, Telephone: 692 44 14. A typical Berlin but with a book and bric-a-brac sh
Salomon Bagels
Joachimstaler Str 13, Charlottenburg, but there are outlets in Potzdamer Platz and Tiergarten as wel

Fast Facts
-Location: Berlin is situated in the north-east of Germany, in the midst of a network of lakes and marshes. The river Spree follows a valley carved out by ice flows many thousands of years ago, and meets the wide river Havel in the borough of Spandau.  Most of the region is flat with a few rolling hills. It is about 70km west from the border of Poland, and is completely surrounded by the region of Brandenburg.
It is the cultural and administrative capital and most populous city in Germany, and is also a centre for commerce with many European companies headquartered there.

-Dialing code: country: +49
: city: 30 followed by a three to nine-digit subscriber number, although the shorter numbers are now slowly being phased out. 015, 016 and 017 are prefixes for mobile phone numbers.

-Emergency numbers:

Police: 110

Fire and Ambulance: 112

Tourist Information Helpdesk: The Berlin Tourism Board: +49-(0)30-26 47 48-0, and specifically for hotel and events related enquiries:  +49-(0)30-25 00 25

Car Breakdown Service:  01802 222 222 and 01802 343 536

Highway Patrol: Autobahnpolizei 030 4664

Telephone Directory Services: The Deutsche Telekom number for national enquiries: 11833 international enquiries 11834 and for English service: 11837

Airport Enquiry: 180 5000 186

Railway Enquiry: Deutsche-Bahn (the comprehensive national railway) 11861. S-Bahn (t

What to do with Children in Tow
Berlin is a fairly child-friendly city with many things to occupy the kids. When going sightseeing, remember to watch for your children as ...
Health and Safety
Although Berlin is a large city, it is quite safe by any standards. Driving is courteous and people are genuinely helpful.

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