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altThis small company gives great personalized tours as they started with working with budget holidays. They will really help you get the most out of your money. They are also famous for their themed tours of the areas in Buenos Aires such as Biking Buenos Aires, Tango Buenos Aires and Literary Buenos Aires. If you wish to explore outside the city, they will gladly organise tours to the Tigre delta, Patagonia or Igazú and they are very good at finding the roads less travelled.

Address: Viamonte 749, Office 601,
Phone: 5199 2517, -2518, -2519, and -2520;


Transportation/Getting Around

Tren subterráneo (underground train), or Subte as it is called for short by the Porteños, is the ...
The above ground railway system, although just as efficient as the subway, takes a bit more getting ...
Taxis are easy to find as there are so many of them on the streets with their tell tale yellow and ...
Driving Tips
The road rules in Buenos Aires and most of Argentina in fact, are treated more like suggestions by ...
Buenos Aires has an almost hopelessly vast, complex and extensive bus network. A few weeks of using ...
From the airport
There are two airports in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza International (called Aeropuerto Internacional ...