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Fast Facts

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alt-Location: Buenos Aires (literally ‘fair winds’) is located on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. It is the capital and largest city of Argentina, which is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest in the world. Argentina (from the Latin word for silver, ‘argentum’) shares land borders with Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile, and is surrounded on the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean. Buenos Aires city is located inside the province of Buenos Aires, but is an autonomous federal district. It consists of 48 barrios or neighbourhoods. It is situated in what is called the Rio de la Plata (River of silver), where the Uruguay and Parana rivers combine and join the Atlantic Ocean. The large historic port gives the people of Buenos Aires their name: porteños
    -Dialing code: country +54
     city: 11, then an eight digit subscriber number. To call other districts from Buenos Aires, dial 0, the district code, then the 8-digit number. Cell phones are more expensive to call than landlines and normally begin with a 15, followed by the 8-digit number. Calling a cell phone in another area (i.e. not Buenos Aires) would require you to dial that district code, then 15, then the 8-digit number
-Emergency numbers
       Police: 911
       Fire: 100
       Ambulance: 107
Tourist Information Helpdesk : 4312 2232; or 0800 555 0016 (toll free)
Tourist Police: 4346 5748  or 0800 999 5000
Car Breakdown Service: The Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA): 0800 777 2894
Highway Patrol: Argentina has one of the highest motor vehicle accident mortality rates in the world and no dedicated road police.
Telephone Directory Services: 110
Airport Enquiry: 4576 1111 or 5480 6111
Railway Enquiry: Subway customer service: 0800 555 1616, There are several suburban lines managed by different companies.
-Population: 3 million
-Languages: Spanish (Castellano), Italian, English in most places in the city
-Time zone: UTC -3
-Average January temperatures: 25.4°C
-Average July temperatures: 10.2°C
-Annual rainfall: 1147mm


Transportation/Getting Around

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Buenos Aires has an almost hopelessly vast, complex and extensive bus network. A few weeks of using ...
The above ground railway system, although just as efficient as the subway, takes a bit more getting ...
Driving Tips
The road rules in Buenos Aires and most of Argentina in fact, are treated more like suggestions by ...
Car for hire
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From the airport
There are two airports in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza International (called Aeropuerto Internacional ...