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Car for hire
Renting a car in Damascus is easy and ...
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From Damascus International ...
There are two main bus stations located ...
Taxis are plentiful in Damascus. Some, ...
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Tourists driving themselves in Damascus ...
Damascus in a Day
Viewing all of Damascus in one day is, as with most cities in the world, an impossible task. ...
This important occasion occurs every year upon the sighting of the new moon, marking the end of ...
International Leather Goods Fair
This event is held annually for four days in August at the Damascus New Fair Ground. Producers of ...
International Flower Festival
This event is held annually from July to August in Teshreen Park, which is Damascus’s largest ...
When to go
The best time to visit Damascus is from March to May when the weather is cool and breezy, and ...

Damascus, Syria


Damascus Today
Damascus is the capital of Syria. Apart from being the political center of the country, it is also the cultural heart of the country. Damascus’s authorities have done a very good job in preserving the many historical and cultural attractions. Various architectural styles are visible throughout the city, dating back to different periods of its history- Roman, Islamic and French rule. An important sector of Damascus’s economy is the tourist industry. Other prominent sectors are the textiles, food processing and chemical industries. The military and secret service quarters are also located he

Damascus Back Then
Inhabited since 10,000 B.C., Damascus is one of the world's most ancient cities, boasting a very colorful history. The city was conquered by Alexander the Great, and after his death it was annexed by the Roman general, Pompey. The Romans built a great deal of the infrastructure of the city. St. Paul and St. Thomas both lived in the quarters developed by the Romans in Damascus. Damascus was first conquered by the Muslims in 634 by the Rashidun Caliph. It soon became the capital of the Omayyad Empire and later was ruled from Baghdad during the Abbassid caliphate. It was also ruled by the Fati

Al Mamlouka
Originally a house, this beautiful boutique hotel dates back to the 17th century. Guests will be tre
Damascus Cham Palace
This is arguably one of the city’s most lavish hotels, located in downtown Damascus. Rooms are lar
Four Seasons Hotel
This hotel is located in an ideal part of the city. The national museum and other attractions are no
Blue Tower
This hotel is in a prime location. It is a popular choice amongst tourists who vie for one of the 60
Sheraton Hotel
Located in an ideal spot in the centre of the city, the Sheraton faces the Quassioun Mountain and is
Orient Palace Hotel
This hotel dates back to the 1920s and faces the old Hejaz Train Station. It has been a guesthouse t

Oriental Arts Center
The Oriental Arts
The Damascus Souq
This is a vast souq housing many mini bazaars. Visitors will be transported back in time and exposed
George Dabdoub
Located next to the Azem Palace in the Old City, George Dabdoub sells a number of traditional Damasc
Khalil Haddad
This shop sells some very fascinating and interesting handicrafts. Customers will fall in love with
Anat is a wonderful place to shop for Damascene souvenirs. It sells a number of traditional items in
Khalil Haddad
This shop sells some very fascinating and interesting handicrafts. Customers will fall in love with

Food Expo Exhibition
Annually held in June for the past seven years, this event lasts about five days at the Damascus Fai
Jazz Lives in Syria
Held annually in August at the Citadel for six nights, this open air festival features renowned loca
This important occasion occurs every year upon the sighting of the new moon, marking the end of Rama
Damascus Book Fair
This event is held annually in October at the Arab Cultural Center and has been done so for the past
This event is held annually in March and lasts for four days at the Damascus Fair Ground. Olives bei
This event is held annually in June at the Damascus Fair Ground for three days, and has been done so

Al Khawali
Mouth watering Syrian cuisine is served here. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out a wide range o
Art Café Ninar
For those on a budget, this is a great place to eat out. The restaurant is small and intimate. What
La Casa
This is a great place to hang out and is extremely popular with the younger generation of Damascen
This is a popular food joint amongst the Damascene upper class. The ambience is relaxed and contempo
Arabesque Restaurant
This lovely restaurant serves delicious Syrian and French cuisine. The food is pricey but worth it.
Al Hallabi
This is one of Damascus’s best known restaurants. Aleppan cuisine is at its finest here. The déco

Fast Facts
Location Damascus is located 80 km from the Mediterranean Sea on a plateau 2200 feet above sea level. It is bordered by the Anti- Lebanon Mountains, with the Barada river flowing nearby   Dialing code +963   Emergency numbers
Police – 112 Fire- 113
Ambulance- 110
1.5 million
Arabic, French and English
Time Zone
Average January temperatures
5.5 Degrees Celsius

Average July temperatures
26 Degrees Celsius

Annual rainfall
7.6 inches


In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Tishreen Sports Complex
Tourists can take their children to swim in the Olympic Pool at this sports complex.

Timings: Daily 6 A.M- 8 P.M

In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health & Safety in Damascus
Even though Damascus is generally very safe, there are some points worth remembering. It is always advisable to remain vigilant. Avoid ...

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