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From the airport
Tourists can take a taxi from the air ...
Driving Tips
For tourists who are driving themselves ...
Mowasalat also operates taxis in Doha. ...
Car for hire
Renting a car in Doha is easy and ...
Mowasalat operates bus services in ...
Doha in a Day
Viewing all of Doha in one day is, as with any other city in the world, an impossible task. ...
Eid-ul-Fitr Festival
Doha comes alive when Ramadan comes to a close and the new moon becomes visible. The entire city is ...
Paintball Tournament
This annual event is held at the Qatar Paintball centre. This is just the kind of event fun loving ...
Tribeca Film Festival Doha
This festival, which is scheduled to be held in Doha for the first time in the year 2009, will ...
When to go
The best time to visit Doha is from November to March when the weather is wonderfully cool.  ...

Doha, Qatar

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Doha today
Doha at the moment is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. It has risen to become one of the richest nations in the world courtesy the oil resources discovered here in the 1930s. The Asian Games held here in 2006 put Doha on the map. It is both the political, economic and cultural capital of Qatar. The increase in Qatar’s GDP resulted in the beautification of the city of Doha where now a number of architectural jewels and some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers dot the skyline including the Qatar National Museum and the University of Qatar. 

Doha back then
Doha is a relatively young city. Founded in the mid 1800s it was originally called Al Bida and was later renamed. It has come far from its humble origins as a fishing village. Seventeen years after its establishment, Qatar went to war with Bahrain. Al Thani was installed as the ruler of Qatar by the British in 1868. Another victory followed in the early 1880s when Qatar defeated the Ottomans. Two majestic sites dating back to this period still standing today include the Al Wajbah and Doha fortresses. Qatar gained independence from the British in 1971.  Qatar originally survived on its fi

Doha Marriott Hotel
Do not be fooled by the exterior of this hotel which is quite lackluster; the interior is chic and s
Movenpick Hotel Doha
This fabulous hotel is located alongside the bay. The décor is chic and sophisticated. The faciliti
Four Seasons Hotel Doha
The magnificent exterior of this hotel is matched inside in terms of the high quality service provid
Ritz Carlton Doha
This is arguably one of the most lavish of Doha’s hotels. The décor is spectacular and sophistica
Somerset West Bay Doha Hotel
This lavish hotel comprises of about 200 suites comprising of two to three bedrooms. Included within
Movenpick Tower and Suites Doha Hotel
This hotel has a fantastic location; it stands in the vicinity of the airport, the exhibition centre

Hyatt Plaza
This is another of the many malls that have been established in Doha to cater to the luxury lifestyl
City Centre Doha
This is a famous shopping mall in Doha which is absolutely gigantic; It sells a diverse range of pro
Landmark Shopping Mall
This is a famous shopping arcade in Doha which sells a diverse range of products. Both International
This is another of the many malls that have been established in Doha to cater to the luxury lifestyl
Gold Souk
This market is a must stop for any tourist visiting Doha. The market is busy and popular amongst loc
The Centre
This mall houses a number of stores selling everything from clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, and

Qatar Summer Wonders
This annual festival lasts two months. The venues are multiple and include the Landmark, City Centre
Fencing Grand Prix
This annual event is held in Al Sadd Club. It is conducted by the Fencing Federation of Qatar. The e
Qatar Masters Golf
This event is held annually and is quite popular amongst the local people as well as golf enthusiast
Power Boat Races
This event is held annually by the Qatar Marine Sports Federation along the Qatar coastline. Partici
Festival of the Senses
This annual festival is themed around sports. The venue is the Corniche and a number of tents are er
Doha Cultural Festival
This festival is held annually. This event began in 2002. It is held and celebrated with much enthus

Qasr al Sahel Iranian Restaurant
For those on a budget this is an excellent place to eat at. The prices are incredibly reasonable. Th
Stop for lunch or dinner at this fabulous vegetarian joint.  There is a diverse range of vegeta
Al Bateel
Mouth watering Arabian delights are served here. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out these high
City Centre Doha
For those on a budget, all of Doha’s famous malls house a number of fast food chain restaurants su
Turkey Central
Scrumptious Turkish cuisine is served at this food joint. The atmosphere is down to earth and the fo
Al Bandar
This is one of Doha’s better known restaurants. It is no wonder as mouth watering dishes are serve

Fast Facts
To the East of the Gulf Peninsula lies beautiful Doha bordered by Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.
-Dialing code

-Emergency/Useful numbers
              Police, Fire and Ambulance - 999
             Telephone Directory – 180
             International calls – 150
             Internet Service - 111
             Flight Enquiry – 4622999
             Doha Airport – 4656666
             General Post Office – 4466000
              Qatar Tourism Authority - 4411555
    Arabic, English, Urdu
-Time zone
    GMT/UTC + 3


In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

What to do with Children in Tow in Doha
Aladdin’s Kingdom
This outdoor theme park is a treat for children and adults alike. It was opened in 1994. A ...

In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health and Safety in Doha
For those travelling in Doha there are some points worth remembering. Whilst Doha is one of the safest cities in the world it is always ...

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