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Train Tours GenevaTours operated via mini trains are the ideal choice when you have had enough of walking tours or talkative guides. These tours lead you through the major attractions and give a quick and interesting overview of the city rather than boring you out. Some of the leading train-operated tour companies are:

STT Train Tours:

This company runs tours on a daily basis. Major routes include the Old Town district and the right bank of the Lake Geneva.
The mini-train for the Old Town departs daily from Place du Rhone. The tour is about 45 minutes long. Tickets are priced at CHF 5.90 for children and CHF 8.90 for adults.
The 'Paquis Express' mini-train departs at 45 minute intervals from Quai du Mont Blanc. This tour is nearly half an hour long. Tickets cost CHF 4.90 for children and CHF 7.90 for adults.


Location: Bd St-Georges 36
Telephone: 022 781 0404

Les Corsaires Mini-Train:

This company gives regular tours of the major parks and lakefront attractions along Lake Geneva's left bank. The mini-trains depart every 45 minutes from the English Garden situated near the Mont Blanc Bridge. The journey lasts almost half an hour, and tickets are CHF 4.00 and CHF 7.00 for adults.


Location: Quai Gustave-Ador 33
Telephone: 022 735 4300



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