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Taxis are easily found on the streets ...
Car for Hire
In order to rent a car in Malaysia, you ...
Driving in the City
Driving in KL is not as bad as driving ...
These commuter trains have two routes ...
Public Transportation
The public transportation system in ...
Airport Taxi
You can grab a special airport taxi ...
Kuala Lumpur in a Day
Kuala Lumpur is such an overwhelmingly beautiful city, that it is impossible to  do justice ...
Megasale Carnival
All bargain lovers will feel as if they have reached bargain heaven when arriving at KL during the ...
Malaysia Water Festival
The Malaysia Water Festival makes a splash in Kuala Lumpur during April and early May when people ...
Flora Festival & Parade
Kuala Lumpur blossoms in July with ornate exhibitions and flower sales displaying Malaysia's varied ...
When to go
No drastic climatic changes occur in Kuala Lumpur, so expect its typical temperament of humidity, ...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur Today
Kuala Lumpur has jolted from its rural beginnings into a bustling and booming cosmopolitan city in just a matter of decades. This rapid transformation is what makes Kuala Lumpur so attractive. For instance, the speed at which KL has changed is evidence of the innovative and progressive ideas, architecture and individuals currently found in the city. However, the rapidity of this speed is also what has caused KL to hold on to its traditional roots, giving modernity a quaint charm.
In order to get an idea of what Kuala Lumpur is

Kuala Lumpur Back Then
Kuala Lumpur was founded in 1857 by a group of miners searching for tin by the Kelang and Gombak rivers. The flowing interconnectedness of these rivers is what inspired the early settlers to call this place Kuala Lumpur, which translates to “muddy confluence".
However, the miners, who were ill equipped to fight off tropical diseases such as malaria, began falling ill and soon died. Nevertheless, the tin found by these early arrivals lured more miners to KL that it soon sprawled into a booming, though anarchistic, town.

Shangri-La Hotel
Known as one of KL's finest hotels, the Shangri-La Hotel offers its guests a serene atmosphere and
Palace of the Golden Horses
The Palace of the Golden Horses overlooks an 150 acre lake with extensive surrounding gardens. It ha
Melia Kuala Lumpur
Melia Kuala Lumpur is an international 4 star hotel located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city - kno
Crowne Plaza KL
The Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur is a regal 36 storey 5-star hotel. It encompasses 5 floors of parking-
This newly opened hotel (since 2004) holds a large piece of the percentage pie when being considered
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
The elegant Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is located in the heart of the Gol

Suria KLCC
Suria KLCC is an upscale shopping center located within walking distance from the Petronas Towers.
Starhill Gallery
KL's most glamorous and luxurious mall, along with being the most expensive, is the Starhill Galler
The Pavilion
The Pavilion is a swanky, chic shopping mall where you can see brands like Bvlgari, Gucci, Chopard,
Mid Valley Megamall
Known as one of the biggest malls in Southeast Asia, the Mid Valley Megamall has about 300 stores,
Royal Selangor Pewter
The Royal Selangor Pewter Factory has been Malaysia's main pewter manufacturer since 1885. Its merc
Sungei Wang Plaza
Sungei Wang Plaza and BB Plaza adjoin to form one of KL's biggest and best shopping complexes. You

Deepavali "Diwali"
The Diwali festival or “festival of lights" illuminates Kuala Lumpur with spectacular firewor
Chinese New Year
For the Chinese, the New Year is the single most important event in the year. It celebrates the firs
City Day
In commemoration of  Kuala Lumpur's declaration as a Federal Territory on Feb 1, many colorful
Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
The Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, the most important festival of the Muslims marks the end of the holy mont
Megasale Carnival
All bargain lovers will feel as if they have reached bargain heaven when arriving at KL during the M
National Day
Malaysia's day of independence (August 31) brings Kuala Lumpur to an all out celebration with homes

Eden Village
The intimacy and coziness found in Eden Village, perhaps because it is meant to resemble a Malay ho
Restoran Saray
Restoran Saray is about one of a dozen restaurants located on a funky strip referred to as 'Asian H
Seri Melayu
If you are looking for the local dining flavor, search no further than Seri Melayu. This restaurant
Prepare your palate for it will be shaken when you dine at Shook! Its fusion cuisine of Italian, Ch
Chopstick Noodle House
For noodle lovers, the Chopstick Noodle House is heaven. This restaurant offers over 20 different k
Coliseum Cafe
Opened since 1921, the Coliseum Cafe is considered one of the oldest restaurants in the country. Eve

Fast Facts
Location: Western Peninsula Malaysia.

Dialling code:
60 ( country ) 03 (  city )
1.4 million (city); 1.9 million (metropolitan area).

Languages: Malay (official)
Known as Bahasa Malaysia
English (other)
Tamil (other)
Chinese (other)

Time zone:
GMT + 8.
Emergency numbers: Police & Ambulance : 999
Fire : 994
Civil Defense : 991
International Operator : 108
Multilingual Services : 198
National Directory Inquiry : 103
Kuala Lumpur International Airport : 603 2267 4311
Malaysian Tourist Information Center : 603 2164 3929
Kuala Lumpur Tourist Police : 603 2146 0522
220 volts or 250 volts AC, 50Hz; three-pin flat plugs are standard.

Average January temperatures:
32°C (90°F).
Average July temperatures
32°C (90°F).

Annual rainfall:
2,700mm (105 inches).


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Cosmo's World
This is considered to be Malaysia's largest indoor theme park. It has two sections: one for children, and the other for thrill-seekers. ...
National Science Center
The National Science Center was built in 1996 as a way of promoting science and technology. The exhibitions highlight themes which link ...
Aquaria KLCC
This recently opened gigantic aquarium is home to 5,000 varieties of tropical fishes. It has an underwater tunnel, various exhibits of ...
National Planetarium
Space always holds a fascination for kids and they are sure to love this Planetarium where they can peer through a 14 inch telescope ...

In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health and Safety
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